Backblast – 6.30.22 Kapowski @ Bayside w/ Jewel

Yo! Shout to Swag for posting his BB so quickly… reminded me I need to post mine from yesterday.
Merkin City USA

Slugger 2.0
Borland (R)
Slide Rule
Jewel Q

Thang – Billy Madison. Complete each grade and rep(s)… run to the oppo end of soccer field and back. Stack the grades and reps
1st: Manmaker
2nd: BOYOS
3rd: Thrusters
4th: Lunges (each leg- total of 8)
5th: Overhead Press
6th: T-Merkins
7th: Coupon Hopovers
8th: Coupon squats
9th: Deadlifts
10th: Kraken Burpees
11th: Bent Over Rows
12th: HandRelease Merkins

oh yeah… and as an added bonus to all in attendance I set a timer for 3 minutes. Every time the timer sounded… 10 merkins.

Pickleball and Slide Rule dominated…made it look easy. Slugger just kept plugging away. Love to see the 2.0s putting in work. Well done, young man. Sadie was just mad I had to back out of the ruck, but at least he liked my playlist… it was fire if I do say so myself.

All in all, it was a great day. Always a humbling thing to realize other grown men, leaders in their families and communities and jobs decided to come out and follow whatever asinine plan I put together. The more I Q, the more I appreciate the other men around me.

Intentions for Charolais and his recovery. Remember to wear white next Thursday 7/7 and take a picture.

SYITG – Jewel

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