BB – The Cliffs at The Garden 4.5.22 w/ Jewel

Went to bed thinking it was gonna be rainy and nasty. Woke up thinking it was gonna be rainy and nasty. Pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. PAXHusky (R)Kitty LitterNatty LiteBaconMinnowMountain MommaJewel – Q Standard Disclaimer, then moseyed to the coupons for COP. Grass grabbersAbe VigodasSSHDownward dog/ runners stretchesGrab a coupon I needed to run. AndContinue reading “BB – The Cliffs at The Garden 4.5.22 w/ Jewel”

4.5.22 – The Cliffs at The Garden w/ Jewel

We can control the weather tomorrow morning. What we can control is our decision making. Will we decide to put two feet on the floor and get out with our fellow PAX and get better? Will we push ourselves to work a little harder? Will we get out and enjoy the beat fellowship this townContinue reading “4.5.22 – The Cliffs at The Garden w/ Jewel”

The Tank – 3.30.22 w/ Jewel – BackBlast

It’s always an event when you Q @ Vets. Strong mumblechatter is always n the menu… everything is else up for grabs. PAXWide RightNatty LightDiabloWormSnowdayVincent (R)BombaySgt. Hulka (R)AlfalfaTony MalitoVikingJewel (Q) Disclaimer/ COP – Standard COPAs is pretty standard – at the end of the disclaimer – Worm made a crack about doing Krakens… I wasn’tContinue reading “The Tank – 3.30.22 w/ Jewel – BackBlast”

BackBlast – The Bridge at the Posh 2.23.22

Shout out to Big Bird for the reminder… Little things matter. It reminded me of the commencement speech at UT by Admiral William McRaven. If you haven’t heard the speech, I urge you to give it a listen. It is incredible. And Bird’s reminder about the little things, reminded me of this quote in theContinue reading “BackBlast – The Bridge at the Posh 2.23.22”

Pre-Blast THE RANGE at The Patriot – 1st Official WO 2.2.22

I should probably theme this with 2s, but that probably won’t happen. Or will it? Either way, not very often you get to take part in the first official workout at a newly minted AO of the Year… lots going on tomorrow at The Range. Come on out to help quick our newest official WOContinue reading “Pre-Blast THE RANGE at The Patriot – 1st Official WO 2.2.22”

BackBlast 2.1.22 at The Max @ Bayside

HEATWAVE! PAXBirdieFiring Pin 2.0SchotzieCharolais (R)Ruby (R)Grandpa BearSlide RuleBanana BreadDiane DukesJewel Q I’ve been looking forward to this Q. The last time out, Shuttlecock dislocated his shoulder, so I needed to get back out there and make it through a Q without putting someone on the DL. So, we kept it simple. Back To School themeContinue reading “BackBlast 2.1.22 at The Max @ Bayside”

Pre-Blast The Max at Bayside 2.1.22 w/ Jewel

We will start off the month of February with our Max efforts. What does that mean? Well, grab your favorite coupon, a buddy, and set an early alarm to make the trip east down I-64 to Bayside to find out. It will be warm compared to the last few days. 0 excuses to not postContinue reading “Pre-Blast The Max at Bayside 2.1.22 w/ Jewel”

Backblast – The Silo 12.20.21 w/ Jewel – For Palmer

On Sunday morning, Minnow the site Q at North Posh alerted the Garden text thread that his son Palmer had to have emergency surgery up in Cincinnati. Now, Palmer is a beast, but you just can’t help but feel terrible for the young kid who has already had to endure so much. I decided IContinue reading “Backblast – The Silo 12.20.21 w/ Jewel – For Palmer”

Pre-Blast 12.17.21 The Baptizer @ The Garden w/ Merlot Hunters, Inc.

Come one, come all to the conclusion of Mash-Up Q week at the Garden and the debut of Merlot Hunters, Inc. Kilo and Jewel, will have the PAX starting strong and finishing worse. You won’t want to miss this. Bring a coupon (there are coupons on site), your willingness to work hard and most importantlyContinue reading “Pre-Blast 12.17.21 The Baptizer @ The Garden w/ Merlot Hunters, Inc.”

Back Blast – The Agony @ The County 12.9.21

Great to be back at The County. The County boyz are great. I screwed up right off the bat when I said everything we would do, would be with a partner, then proceeded to not do warmups with partners. Pelican and Dauber were quick to be confused… par for the course. Weather: Cold AFPAX:CratchitFNG- Weezy (R)PelicanKillyContinue reading “Back Blast – The Agony @ The County 12.9.21”

Pre-Blast 12.9.21 – Agony @ The County w/ Jewel

I haven’t been to the County in way too long. So when I was sent an invitation to Q, I gladly excepted. The message I received had a very explicit request… “The guys at the County are getting soft and need to know what it feels like to work hard” We will take care ofContinue reading “Pre-Blast 12.9.21 – Agony @ The County w/ Jewel”