BackBlast 9.27.21 – North Posh w/ Jewel

Not much better than starting a Monday morning at the original Beast Mode AO, North Posh. Today, we kept it simple, kind of… 7 PAXNinoHuggiesMinnowDiane DukesVikingCatfishJewel Q 6 Exercises and a run to the bottom of the yet to be named front hill. 50 Reps of each1. Weighted Step Ups2. T-Merkins3. Curls4. Squats5. X-Factors6. BDEContinue reading “BackBlast 9.27.21 – North Posh w/ Jewel”

PreBlast – 9.22.21 – IPC Week 3 – THE GARDEN

Come out to The Garden tomorrow as we take on the Kraken, and whoop its A$$. No coupons. Running shoes. And the willingness to push yourself beyond what you thought you could. The willingness to push your fellow PAX beyond their limit and support them to be their best. That’s what this is all about!Continue reading “PreBlast – 9.22.21 – IPC Week 3 – THE GARDEN”

Backblast 9.15- The Tank

Turns out there’s no shutting up the Vets PAX. Mumblechatter is like air to them. They must have it, and will do everything they can to keep it going. PAXDiabloWormBombayCartmanWet SackDiane DukesWhitney- RHoly Roller- R Disclaimer given at 0529. COP – The Kraken mile – mosey to random points where we could escape Worm’s “backblasts”Continue reading “Backblast 9.15- The Tank”

Backblast 8.17.21 – Jewel @ The Cliffs at The Garden

I was originally scheduled to Q on Friday for my 2 year anniversary with this incredible group. But like life, things change and I switched and swapped to Q today. It was an awesome morning with somewhere close to 97% humidity. 0530 and disclaimer given – not a professional, I have received no formal training,Continue reading “Backblast 8.17.21 – Jewel @ The Cliffs at The Garden”

Pre-Blast 8.17.21 – The Cliffs @ The Garden – Jewel Q

OH YEAH!! A change to the Q schedule this week! Your boy has the Q tomorrow and it’s gonna be upper-body extreme. Bring your coupons or sandbags, or don’t… we have them at The Garden. Also, please bring your running shoes. Wouldn’t be a day at The Garden without running. Hills may or may notContinue reading “Pre-Blast 8.17.21 – The Cliffs @ The Garden – Jewel Q”

BackBlast – The Blender at The Mutt – 7.28.21 Random Q Week

I’m extremely honored and humbled to be a part of the Leadership Council for F3 Louisville. Yesterday we had our monthly lunch to discuss all things F3. During that conversation, I was inspired to post at the Mutt to bask in all it’s Mutt-ness, mumblechatter and all. It has you know, been the most consistentContinue reading “BackBlast – The Blender at The Mutt – 7.28.21 Random Q Week”

BB – Kapowski @ Bayside 7.8.21 w/ Jewel

Started the morning off waking up at 0415 because I didn’t want to be late. After 50+ Q’s, you’d think I’d be over that, but alas, I’m not. Another beautiful day ITG, 70deg and a fellow Garden Goon showed up, thanks Catfish. Things were starting off good, despite the super early wakeup call. 0530 andContinue reading “BB – Kapowski @ Bayside 7.8.21 w/ Jewel”

Way TOO Late BB – 6.17 Cloverfield at The Garden

My sincerest apologies. Was a busy weekend and this slipped my mind. The PreBlast mentioned I was going hunting. Subprime, Wabbits, and Jitterbug proved they weren’t scared and ready to embrace the suck. And suck it did. 0530 disclaimer was given. COP ensued with SSH, grass grabbers, toy soldiers, abe vigodas, and the always usedContinue reading “Way TOO Late BB – 6.17 Cloverfield at The Garden”

Pre-Blast Kapowski @ Bayside 6.10.21 w/ Jewel

Tomorrow will be only my 2nd post at Bayside, and first Q there. I’m excited, and normally I would be recruiting hard to get other PAX to make the drive east. Tomorrow however is not that day. I would prefer all other skip this workout and go to the O to support our man MotorContinue reading “Pre-Blast Kapowski @ Bayside 6.10.21 w/ Jewel”

BackBlast The Fog @ The Posh 5.29.21

TLDR – 10 men woke up and chose to start their day the hard way. Bear crawl native American runs and manmakers galore. Sprinkled in with about 2 miles of running made for a great start to the holiday weekend. PAX1. LadyBird (R)2. Jitterbug (R)3. Tenderfoot4. Leno5. Worm6. NattyLite7. Stick Up8. Bacon9. Hot Wheels10. JewelContinue reading “BackBlast The Fog @ The Posh 5.29.21”

BackBlast – LaGrange BO 5.14.21

I said in the PB – if you want easy, go someplace else. 7 PAX didn’t read the PB, or were undeterred. PAX: Boss Hog (R)Holy Roller (R)Yankovic (R)SwagCaptain CrunchberryFockerJewel QIC I’ve said many times I’ve retired the Kraken Burpee from regular use… it was my staple and calling card in 2020, but has sinceContinue reading “BackBlast – LaGrange BO 5.14.21”