PreBlast Ghost Q Cloverfield at The Garden- 10.29.20

Date checked and rechecked for our main man Pelican. And we saved this PreBlast for last, well, because that’s what you do when you have the best Ghost Q on a Thursday in October lined up for your AO. Need not worry about the rain, it’s is just water. You won’t melt. Coupons needed. MentalContinue reading “PreBlast Ghost Q Cloverfield at The Garden- 10.29.20”

BB- Cloverfield Q School at The Garden 10.8.20

Another awesome morning in the gloom. Lower 50s, no clouds, no rain, just the smell of napalm in the morning…well, maybe not napalm… but you get the picture. Nothing like stepping outside for workout in the gloom when the weather is like this. This is my first go round with Q school as a memberContinue reading “BB- Cloverfield Q School at The Garden 10.8.20”

Backblast 9.19.20 – The Nest @ The County w/ Jewel

Man, the boys came out on Saturday. 28 Bobs strong. What an awesome morning, albeit, a little chilly. The mumblechatter was strong at the start as the PAX waited for0700. I told myself I wanted to bring the heat for this workout… a little Garden flare if you will. Then this happened… Worm: “Is thisContinue reading “Backblast 9.19.20 – The Nest @ The County w/ Jewel”

Pre-Blast 9.19.20- The Nest @ The County

Man, time flies. My first post at The County was my 3rd post ever, just over a year ago on 9.2.19. Didn’t know a soul, and they didn’t know me. It didn’t matter, they were incredibly welcoming, even Dauber. Especially Pelican and Big Bird. That’s why The County has been my unofficial 2nd home (asContinue reading “Pre-Blast 9.19.20- The Nest @ The County”

BB – 8.21.2020 Inaugural Baptizer at The Garden w/ Jewel

Temp- mid 60slowish humidityI pulled in the lot about 5:15ish… already a couple cars parked. I made a lap around the school to set up the Thang… more on that later. Once I got back to the lower lot, there were already more than 15 HIM ready to kick off the Baptizer’s first WO. LookingContinue reading “BB – 8.21.2020 Inaugural Baptizer at The Garden w/ Jewel”

8.21.20 – Pre-Blast — The 1st ever The BAPTIZER @ The Garden w/ Jewel

Tomorrow will be one year, and one day from my first post with F3 Louisville. What an awesome year it’s been. A crazy year for sure… Rona and protests and all. Thankfully, we are blessed beyond measure to get up early, and get our minds and bodies right in the Gloom. Tomorrow, we will celebrateContinue reading “8.21.20 – Pre-Blast — The 1st ever The BAPTIZER @ The Garden w/ Jewel”

BB – The Fog @ The Posh 6.13.20

BEWARE ALL WHO ENTER THE FOG…or something like that. There aren’t many better places to start a Saturday off than The Parklands. It provides for some incredible scenery…and a nice sunrise. The weather was perfect. PAX – 11Jitterbug (R)Number 2 (R)Ladybird (R)Nice and SlowDiane DukesStick UpMaxiPKTinderfootDrysdaleJewel QIC Quick Mosey to the coupon lot for COP:Continue reading “BB – The Fog @ The Posh 6.13.20”

Back Blast – 4.24.20 – The Mist w/ Jewel

Welp, I did it… I finally fart sacked a Q on F3’s birthday no less. I was so excited, and then I totally screwed it up. I owe all the HIM that woke up that morning an apology. So, when Russdiculous (my all-time favorite F3 name) asked me to cover Friday morning, I jumped atContinue reading “Back Blast – 4.24.20 – The Mist w/ Jewel”