1 Year Anniversary – The Range at The Patriot 2.1.22

Hard to believe it’s only been 1 year at The Patriot Range workout… I guess that’s what happens when you regularly have 20+ HIM in attendance, and are the reigning AO of the Year. Let’s see what an anniversary celebration will do to those numbers. Tomorrow we’ll need all the fixins- coupons, running shoes andContinue reading “1 Year Anniversary – The Range at The Patriot 2.1.22”

The Majestic Fog – 11.12.22 w/ Jewel

Tomorrow the Majesty will be on full display as the temps drop and we see who is committed to accelerating their fitness and adhering to rule #3. Like Sump Pump said last week – we are gonna separate the men from the boys from here on out. Get some good gloves. Grab your trusty coupon.Continue reading “The Majestic Fog – 11.12.22 w/ Jewel”

Blood Moon @ The Planetarium 11.8.22 w/ Jewel

A perfect morning at The Planetarium w/ the last Lunar eclipse for 3 years set to take place- I can’t think of anywhere more perfect to post in the morning. It’s also election day, so we will focus on perfection, since we know whoever is elected will absolutely screw up whatever they’re doing on dayContinue reading “Blood Moon @ The Planetarium 11.8.22 w/ Jewel”

9.1.22 – Cloverfield @ The Garden w/ Jewel

Lots to celebrate tomorrow – My old man’s 73rd birthday. The return of Thursday night college football. A new month… Upcoming holiday weekendThe ability to get up and do hard/ stupid things with your friends. Also one PAX is hyped for the Backyard Brawl. We might aim to make it hard for him to enjoyContinue reading “9.1.22 – Cloverfield @ The Garden w/ Jewel”

BackBlast 8.11.22 – Cloverfield – Jewel Q

I try to not reuse Qs… but every once in a while there’s a weinke that is just too good to not try again… especially when you called an audible on the original plan the first time. Yesterday, we stuck to the original plan… much to our demise. PAXEZ PassPizzaBaconMountain MamaNatty LiteWet BanditEdward ScissorhandsHusky InstadoodleDiane DukesHuggiesTinContinue reading “BackBlast 8.11.22 – Cloverfield – Jewel Q”

BackBlast – The Loco at The County 7.12.22

15 brave HIM (1 FNG) fought the fartsack and won this morning. As WILDflower walked up he asked about the workout, told him it was a terrible one, he reminded me that the last time I Q’d there, it was terrible. Good, streak intact. Weather: Little thick, but not terrible. High 60s. Playlist: Daily MixContinue reading “BackBlast – The Loco at The County 7.12.22”

BB – The Fog at The Poshlands 7.9.22

I recently listened to the JRE w/ Tim Kennedy and checked out his IG where I saw an absolutely disgusting workout… so naturally, I had to bring that to the Gloom, modified of course to fit the 60min allotted timeframe for Saturdays. Bamboozled PAX1. Natty Lite2. Bacon3. Mountain Momma4. Jitterbug (R)5. Double Down (R)6. BobContinue reading “BB – The Fog at The Poshlands 7.9.22”

THE MAJESTIC FOG 7.9.22 w/ Jewel

It’s said that majestic things display great dignity, befit a great ruler, or are simply far superior to everyday stuff. I’m not sure about there being great dignity at The Fog,or it befitting a great ruler, but in YHC’s humble opinion, The Fog sure is majestic on a Saturday morning. Tomorrow we will need coupons andContinue reading “THE MAJESTIC FOG 7.9.22 w/ Jewel”

Backblast – 6.30.22 Kapowski @ Bayside w/ Jewel

Yo! Shout to Swag for posting his BB so quickly… reminded me I need to post mine from yesterday. Merkin City USA PAX: BirdieSlugger 2.0SadiePickleballBorland (R)Slide RuleJewel Q Thang – Billy Madison. Complete each grade and rep(s)… run to the oppo end of soccer field and back. Stack the grades and reps1st: Manmaker2nd: BOYOS3rd: Thrusters4th:Continue reading “Backblast – 6.30.22 Kapowski @ Bayside w/ Jewel”

Pre-Blast 6.30.22 Kapowski @ Bayside w/ Jewel

Last day of the month… gonna close it out strong and earn that Thursday morning coffee. And by close it out strong, I mean help me get to 10,000 merkins. When I wake up, I’ll have 300 left… we will see how many we can knock out in 45 minutes. Bring a coupon, an FNGContinue reading “Pre-Blast 6.30.22 Kapowski @ Bayside w/ Jewel”

6.4.22 – The Ruiner @ The O

Always awesome to lead at the O. Especially with 6 FNGs over the last 30 days. 4 of them, decided to test the waters with an unfamiliar Q. By the way, the weather was perfect. PAXDuffPatchesSnotzSpanx (R)GomerSump Pump (R)RussdiculousHandbookDot (R)Jewel (QIC) Disclaimer was given and we moseyed to the tennis courts… we hit the hillsContinue reading “6.4.22 – The Ruiner @ The O”

BackBlast 6.2.22 -Cloverfield @ The Garden w/ Jewel

The preblast was simple, “I’m going hunting.” And while I may have not been completely successful, there was a moment where I would have made a sizeable wager that merlot was imminent. PAX: 1. PacRat (DR)2. Huggies3. Bear 2.04. Nino5. Latex6. Instadoodle7. Minnow8. Husky (R)9. Mountain Momma10. Diane Dukes11. Jewel (Q) Disclaimer was given –Continue reading “BackBlast 6.2.22 -Cloverfield @ The Garden w/ Jewel”