BB – Cliffs at The Garden – 4.13.21 w/ Jewel

TLDR (stolen from Capn Crunchberry)- Bernie up the HSS. Indian Run along perimeter of campus. HILL REPEATS w/ curls to press, split leg squats 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 reps of each. That’s 12 trips up the hill. The text to the Garden thread from Catfish… “In case y’all were wandering, Jewel delivered…Jesus”Continue reading “BB – Cliffs at The Garden – 4.13.21 w/ Jewel”

3.19.21- The Baptizer @ The Garden w/ Jewel

Nothing like a Q at the Baptizer to help celebrate completing the IHC. Today was my 66th post during the competition, so we went with a little Route 66 theme, finished with some (R)espect for our F3 treasure, Husky. 0515- disclaimer was given. Absolutely not a professional, no training, take anything I say as aContinue reading “3.19.21- The Baptizer @ The Garden w/ Jewel”

BB- 3.13.21 – The Nest w/ Jewel

Every once in a while, I like a WO that all you need is weight, some tunes, and a great set of PAX to get after it with…today was that day. Weather: 40ish and cloudyPAX: HushpuppyDevittoWILDflowerButtermilkHusky (R)Jolly RancherHot WheelsAsian Zing (R)Short CircuitTimeshareFungiHoly Roller (R)PelicanCratchitHoney DoBrown WaterLePewYankovic (R)Captain CrunchberryTidwellWide RightDiane DukesJewel (QIC) 0700 and the disclaimer,Continue reading “BB- 3.13.21 – The Nest w/ Jewel”

2.27.21 Back Blast – The Fog w/ Jewel

Saturday mornings at The Fog are awesome. Especially when it is sunny outside. Yesterday was not that day. So we just got to work. Weather: Foggy and a little wet. 45ish degrees. PAX:F-StopJitterbug (R)Number 2 (R)MinnowBungholeHot WheelsMeter MaidJewel Q Disclaimer given. Not a professional. Pandemic – stay at appropriate distance to the next man. ModifyContinue reading “2.27.21 Back Blast – The Fog w/ Jewel”

2.1.21 BB- Incubator @ Posh

Nothing like realizing you have a Q in two days when you’re knee deep in a bottle of brown-water. Good looking out, @nattylite502. Ah – the Posh… such opportunity for total beatdown. I had planned to utilize the infamous and universally hated Kraken burpee to administer said beatdown, but Mother Nature protected the PAX inContinue reading “2.1.21 BB- Incubator @ Posh”

1.19.21 – BB The Cliffs at The Garden w/ Jewel

I’ve had my birthday Q planned for a little while, then the other day thought of something that sounded terrible in my head, and thought today would be a good day to unleash it on the HIM of the Garden. I did get nervous that ice may make the plan a little too dangerous. LuckilyContinue reading “1.19.21 – BB The Cliffs at The Garden w/ Jewel”

BB – 1.16.21 – The Hurt at The Mutt w/ Jewel

I GOT LARRY FLYNT OUT ON A SATURDAY. How do you like them apples?! The rest of this is completely secondary. Also, this was my VQ at the Mutt. 0700 – Disclaimer0703 – The final Mutter shows up Brave PAX: Diane DukesSoft TopCousin EddieDigiornioSnowmanGlen RossTigerTureenLarry FlyntPeeping TomFridgeFallguy (R)FrostyNattyLiteBuschhhhhWham-O (R)Jewel – QIC I have a greatContinue reading “BB – 1.16.21 – The Hurt at The Mutt w/ Jewel”

The Escalator at The Abyss – Backblast 1.13.21 w/ Jewel

The single darkest AO in all of F3 Nation. I won’t listen to any argument that says otherwise. And I think it’s awesome. Only place in F3 Louisville there’s a real possibility of being mauled by coyotes. Once Iron Horse came out, Squid was one of the first people I reached out to in orderContinue reading “The Escalator at The Abyss – Backblast 1.13.21 w/ Jewel”

BackBlast – 11.27.20 – The Baptizer at The Garden at North Posh

Yes, for the 3 of you reading this I know it is late…very late. But you don’t understand, Black Friday also BCBS day, so there was some very important beer to purchase and as luck would have it, drink on Friday which has delayed the writing of this all important BB. I was pumped forContinue reading “BackBlast – 11.27.20 – The Baptizer at The Garden at North Posh”

PreBlast Ghost Q Cloverfield at The Garden- 10.29.20

Date checked and rechecked for our main man Pelican. And we saved this PreBlast for last, well, because that’s what you do when you have the best Ghost Q on a Thursday in October lined up for your AO. Need not worry about the rain, it’s is just water. You won’t melt. Coupons needed. MentalContinue reading “PreBlast Ghost Q Cloverfield at The Garden- 10.29.20”

BB- Cloverfield Q School at The Garden 10.8.20

Another awesome morning in the gloom. Lower 50s, no clouds, no rain, just the smell of napalm in the morning…well, maybe not napalm… but you get the picture. Nothing like stepping outside for workout in the gloom when the weather is like this. This is my first go round with Q school as a memberContinue reading “BB- Cloverfield Q School at The Garden 10.8.20”