Backblast – The Cliffs at The Garden 5.9.23 – Jewel Q

I had an old electrician during a summer job tell me, “Joshua, all you gotta do, is be 2% smarter than what you’re working with.” He said that applied to anything… wires, tools, and people. Not sure why he kept saying that over and over again to me, but I’ll never forget it, and feel like old Hervis would see the wisdom in Bird’s current 2023 challenge.

With that in mind, I threw out the creative weinke I had in store for my next Q as I picked up the Q from an injured Subprime, in favor of something that would allow the PAX in attendance the opportunity to get down to the business of being 1% better at 0616 than they were at 0530.

Weather: some lighting, a constant threat of rain

Natty Lite
Mountain Momma
Mom Suit
Wax On
Jewel – QIC

0530 – Disclaimer given – YHC not a professional, modify as needed, here of your own choosing.
Toy Soldiers (IC)
Copperhead Squats (IC)
Downward Dog- additional stretches

Thang – The Hateful Hundred at The Hill of Stolen Souls
100 of each exercise – then mosey to the dumpster for 25 Big Boys
1. Merkins
2. Coupon Squats
3. Overhead Press
4. Lunbges
5. Burpees
6. Curls
7. Big Boys
8. Coupon Hop Overs

I believe only Mountain Momma made it to the curls – albeit Natty was hot on his 6. The rest did complete the burpees and made it various lengths up the HSS before time was called.
Mosey to the flag for announcements and intentions.

SLT is killing it and has inspired a multitude of summer challenges. Get involved and push yourself and the guy next to you.

Thanks for putting two feet on the floor – often the hardest part, but probably not today.

SYITG – Jewel

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