PB- Finkle Q- Tank @ Vets

Burst and his M are celebrating the early arrival of baby Brooks Yates. That’s cause for celebration… can a brother get an Amen! Becuase of this blessing and his early arrival YHC just drew into the tank at vets from the AE list. I have been training for this moment since I met Kilo and his group of wild hogs. Coupon, sandbag, or ruck is required. There will be lifting, partner work, some travel, and some serious core work! We will burn off those Derby transgressions and destroy that extra 1% we’re chasing. Hammer that HC button, smash the clock, and bring an FNG. We got work to do tomorrow at the Tank! I expect the dumblechatter to be high level, and hope to see my favorite little Oompa Loompa Malito. I may even throw some extra titty excercises in there to appease the little fella. 53 degrees at kickoff, come get you some!

Published by Finkle @ the "O"

Father, christian, competitor, and site Q at the "O"

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