3.31.22 Back Blast – Temple of Gloom at The O

Weather: Pretty warm, wet from rain…but no rain at start as expected…YET.

Pax: Better Call Saul & Second City (DR from Plainfield, IL welcome!), McAfee, Flo Jo, Harry Caray, Handbook, Swag (Q)

Q: Swag

I picked up this Q last minute as Handbook posted there was a need! Was a little worried about weather late last night, and learned there is very little shelter from the rain at The O…so we decided we would go with the original plan.

0530 gave the disclaimer, encouraged to modify if necessary, headed for a mosey to start the warmup, ending on the tennis courts.

COP: SSH, Downward Dog, Toy Soldiers. Explained The Thang in between some mumblechatter.

The Thang: The F3 Card deck was deployed for the beat down, 2 lights were set out 50 yards (or meters per the card…so probably close but not exact) for when we pulled a Sprint card. It was ‘in the cards’ to do lots and lots of Merkins…and Lunges…and Sprints. At first it didn’t seem that bad, by the end I think all the PAX were spent.

And just when the alarm went off to start 5 minutes of marry, the rain came in with a vengeance. Handbooks suggested we audible to 2 laps to finish which we did.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions.

Thanks for having me out Handbook and all of the crew at The O!

  • Swag

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