PB – 5/5/22 – Black Ops Goshen – Swag Q

Cinco de Mayo, according to Wikipedia, is more popular in the US than Mexico because ‘advertising campaigns by beer, wine and tequila companies’ now help it ‘generate beer sales on par with the Super Bowl’. This popularity of indulging in spirits lines up nicely with what the next few days will bring. The drinks will be flowing at home and at the track.

I concede this is a bit of a reach to connect Cinco de Mayo and The Derby. But I felt I needed to mention Cinco do Mayo since it is, you know, Cinco de Mayo.

But we are in Kentucky, and it’s Derby week.

In preparation for Saturday, we will brush up on the horses set to run in the 148th Run for The Roses and their odds. Hopefully you can start to decide how you’ll place your bets!

Come support Flexseal and Viking at this soon to be 2 days a week black ops AO!

Bring a coupon, an FNG and your running shoes.

Weather looks great for us, can’t say the same for The Derby. SYITG -Swag

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