7/19/22 – BB The Planetarium at The Boondocks – Swag Q

I always love going to The Boondocks as this is where it all started for me, posted first 4/22/21 courtesy of Holy Roller and I think it was a Pelican Q if I recall.

I decided to make this workout into a heavy as much as I could as I’ve been trying to strengthen my legs and shoulders ahead of GoRuck.

Slims and I texted back and forth that we were worried we might be the only 2 working out that day as the lineup around the ‘Ville was loaded. Turns out, we ended up with 5 PAX, so we outpaced expectations!

Those in attendance were: Virginia Slims, Honey Do, Otto, Furdays, Swag (Q)

COP: We moseyed around the ball fields to ‘borrow’ a coupon for Otto, then back up to the top of the parking lot for some SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog and 10 Merkins before grabbing our coupons and heading down to the basketball court for some 11s.

Thang 1: 11s w/ coupon, Legs

Squat w/ Coupon

Lunge Walk Down

Squat w/out Coupon

Lung Walk Back

Thang 2: 11s w/ coupon, Shoulders

Overhead Press

Rifle Carry Down


Rifle Carry Back

Had a Thang 3 but as I recall we ran out of time, headed back to the top for merry.

COT: Count, Name-o-Rama, announcements, intentions and prayer.

Thanks for having me out Virginia Slims!


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