4/4/22 Pre/Back Blast: The Minutemen @ The Patriot – Mannequin Q

To Mannequin’s credit he had the Pre-Blast written yesterday, I, Swag (filling in for Rip Van Winkle while he gets bronzed up in FLA) neglected to post it in time! I offered to post both the PB and BB since Mannequin does not yet have WordPress access. So I dropped the ball there. In any case, I’ve posted both below. Enjoy!


There’s no crying in basketball! Or is that baseball? Who knows, but tomorrow morning at the Patriot, Mannequin has the Q and he has a basketball themed, 4-quarter style workout that will hopefully bring back some fond memories. Coupons will be needed, along with sprinting shoes, and gloves. We will be working as a team on both ends of the court! Let’s bring it in! Let’s bring some FNGs, and let’s start the week off with a W!


What initially started as a ‘spring break Monday’ with only 3 PAX members, slowly turned into a flood of 11 total men emerging as the clock struck 5:30. I fumbled through a few jokes as I’m waking both myself and the men up, we warm up with a lap around the courthouse and stretch at the Wilber Oldham Patriot Statue.

Then we grab our coupons and mosey down to city place where I have 4 quarters of work set up to resemble a basketball themed workout.

5 mins of work on your own, followed by a baseline sprint.
Each set was quantity 15 to represent how many men a basketball team could have on the roster at once. Work was on your own, repeat sets once finished until the 5 min was up.

Quarter 1: Free Throw

  • 15 Single Arm coupon Presses each arm
  • 15 single Arm Rows – each arm

Baseline sprint to mid court, back and then full court and back

Mosey to next quarter

Quarter 2: Jump Shot

  • 15 Jump shot burpees (a burpee where you do a jump shot at the end)
  • 15 Forward Lunges, 15 backward Lunges

Bernie to half court, run back, Bernie full length, run back

Mosey to 3rd quarter:

Quarter 3: Chest Pass

  • 15 bridge chest presses
  • 15 Shoulder Taps
  • 15 Rows

Side shuffle, mid/back, full/back

Mosey to Quarter 4

Quarter 4: Dig Deep (core work)

  • 15 V-ups
  • 15 side crunches each side
  • 15 plank Jacks

Full parking lot sprint to finish

The train finished just as we finished our final sprint.

We grabbed the coupons and headed back to the flags.

Intentions for Madeleine, Fockers niece, who needs a heart transplant…we all claimed that together. Borland had a successful missionary back from overseas. I prayed and talked about believing in the communion you are taking as we receive it, we huddled up and I lifted our men of the Patriot in prayer. It was a great start to the week and I’m thankful to have the privilege to be a part of it.

– Mannequin

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