3.31.22 Back Blast: The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks

Was really looking forward to this one. I found myself in a fortunate position where I could put the cherry on top of a couple of conquests. The pull-up challenge that started January 1st along with the Iron Horse challenge that would go all of the way through the end of this day, March 31st. When I look back on both of those challenges and reflect on how I felt at the very beginning. It seemed like such a long way to go. Such a steep mountain to climb. So many times where I would have to say “yes” and answer the call instead of a “meh…maybe next year…” I think the same can be said for many things in life. If one looks too far ahead at a thing it can seem pretty daunting and unattainable. But if you take it one day at a time and hold yourself accountable to being present in the moment…well, time goes by pretty quickly and you find yourself being better in the end, both physically and mentally.

Since this was to be my last Q for the IHC, I decided to have a little fun with it. 6 other dudes pulled themselves out of the fartsack to indulge me in a little bit of silliness and and a lot of hard work.

PAX: Honey Do, Yankovic (R), Patty, Dauber, Bulletin (R), Cochran, BigBird (Q)

0530 and we would get lucky that the rain decided to hold off. Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a short mosey down the road and back to get warm. Circled back up for…

COP: Imperial Walkers, 5 Inchworms OYO, down into plank and get in the usual type of runners stretch. I wanted to impart the feeling I had to the PAX that it was going to be a good day so I brought back a little something I did at Bayside. Played the Nappy Roots song “Good Day” on the Tailgater. We would SSH for the entirety of the song and every time we heard “good day” we would drop down for a Burpee. The garbage truck driver that broke up our circle was likely wondering what in the hell was going on as we were anything but, “all together.” Song was over and we got to recover. Yankovic was a little sad that your Bird put the Tailgater back in his car but don’t worry Yank, we’d be getting it back out again later. Off we would go for a mosey to the snack shack by the ball field for…

The Thang: A KISS routine where we would mosey around the ball field making three stops along the way. Stop 1) 31 Merkins. Stop 2) 31 Jump Lunges. Stop 3) 31 Plank Jacks and then an All Out Sprint back to the startex. R&R for as many rounds as possible until Dauber reminded YHC that we were getting close on time. He really steps up and takes Meter’s place when he is not there to ensure the Q stays on track. Meter would be proud. Mosey back the flag for…

A little bit of fun: I pulled the Tailgater back out of the Accord and asked if anyone had read the PreBlast to which there were some dumbfounded looks and Dauber asks, “what’s a PreBlast?” Pretty sure most write and read the PreBlasts. It’s the Back Blasts that we need to do a better job on. Anyways…I asked if anyone knew who the pic in the blast was of. I think someone said Tina Turner. Close but not really…it was of Donna Summer. I then asked if anyone knew what song she was famous for. Cochran said, “Oh yeah…It’s Raining Men!” Dang it!! He was…rightish, but that wasn’t the song I was thinking of. Thankfully too because that could have made things really weird and sent the workout into an even more uncomfortable direction. Since this was to be the last day of the month…last day of the pull-up challenge…last day of The Iron Horse Challenge…I decided on Last Dance. We would hold plank for the entirety of the song and every time we heard “last dance” we would do a Groiner followed by a Merkin. The song was over and before I called time, Yankovic says, “is that it?” I guess he was hoping for a little “it’s raining men.” Sorry Yank, your Bird is strange but I promise to never subject you all to that.

Circled up around the flags for COR, NOR & COR. Made some announcements (Spring Convergence – let’s make this the most attended one yet! You won’t be disappointed if you show up!), and lifted up our intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and for the prospect of another day. Closed us out with an Our Father.

Until next time…


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