PB – Q School – The Range at The Patriot – 8/24/2022 – Swag Q

I was merely a participant last year for Q school week and was not far removed from my own first Q. I know it can be intimidating to lead your first workout, many of your fellow PAX know that feeling. I remember not sleeping much the night before mine, and frankly for a few others.

But I will say that the version of the thing I fear is always far worse than the thing itself. And the PAX are always there to support and help in any way they can.

At 0530 we will review the F3 Mission and Core Principals and try to model the best structure for an F3 workout. We will keep things simple and have some fun. Bring a coupon and an FNG and let’s get better together.


For those that would like to get warmed up ahead of the warmup, pre-ruck at 0500. Meet at the statue.

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