PB Swag Q – The O(riginal) – 5/11/23

I have to admit I was good initially about PB and BB, but fell off of late. I really appreciate Big Bird and The Walt Whitman Challenge for reminding us how important they are.

I’ve been a part of F3 for a touch over 2 years now, and I’ve certainly received much more than I’ve given. It’s become an anchor in my life, helped me create some great friendships and pushed me to ‘do hard things’ like I would not have done without it.

I also fully agree with Worm when he says we are living on today on the work of others that have come before us to build F3 into what it is and it’s our responsibility to carry that forward.

Going to The O always reminds me of this, the PAX that started it all in 2017 and many who still post alongside us today. I also really appreciate Handbook’s leadership and am excited to see the next Site Q emerge soon.

Tomorrow we will do a simple, no coupon beat down. String of pearls style with a deck of cards to help us along the way. I may even try to find a fanny pack to help carry the music with us.

Hit the HC now, grab and FNG and let’s earn our Thursday together! Aye?


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