BB – 5/5/22 – Black Ops Goshen – Swag Q

I have to admit, I was a touch nervous about this one. The chatter indicated several FNGs and PAX were planning to attend…Cinco De Mayo, Thurby, Derby Week.

Lots of reasons to make it fun and memorable. I hope we did that today!

Also, thanks to Viking and Flexseal for having me out to lead. I’m loving the momentum out here, looking forward to adding Tuesdays on June 1 with Lambeau leading!

Weather: Perfect.

PAX: Let’s start with 6 FNGs! We welcomed HBK, Spaz, Twister, Wolverine (Buckeye fan so he hates it), Beans and Squeaky. Loving the momentum out here. Viking added they had 4 FNGs last week. That’s 10 in 2 posts. Boom!

Also joining were Lambeau, Viking, Yankovic (R), Mannequin, Sewanee, Gopher, Steve O, Valdez, Flexseal, Virginia Slims and YHC, Swag Q. Here’s a pic, less Swag as photog and Sewanee who had to head out before we snapped it.

YHC arrived a bit early to get setup. Shortly after, Gopher arrived and was able to have a quick chat with a great HIM.

COP: We circled up and asked for count, 17 HIM today. Great crowd. I then forgot the disclaimer which I’ll get to later. We took a quick mosey around the parking lot and back to the circle for some SSH, Toy Soldiers, and Downward Dog. We then picked up the coupons and headed to the larger parking lot for the Main Thang.

The Main Thang: The theme was easy, 148th Run for the Roses. I decided to take the horses that are set to run and their odds and use them as the basis for the beatdown.

Zandon 3-1, 3 Man Makers / 1 Burpee

Epicenter 7-2, 7 Man Makers / 2 Burpee

Messier 8-1, 8 Man Makers / 1 Burpee

White Abarrio 10-1, 10 Man Makers / 1 Burpee

Mo Donegal 10-1, 10 Man Makers / 1 Burpee


Taiba 12-1, 12 Curls / 1 Burpee

Smile Happy 20-1, 20 Curls / 1 Burpee

Crown Pride 20-1, 20 Curls / 1 Burpee

Charge It 20-1, 20 Curls / 1 Burpee

Simplification 20-1, 20 Curls / 1 Burpee


Cyberknife 20-1, 20 Overhead Press / 1 Burpee

Zozos 20-1, 20 Overhead Press / 1 Burpee

Happy Jack 30-1, 30 Overhead Press / 1 Burpee

Summer Is Tomorrow 30-1, 30 Overhead Press / 1 Burpee

Tiz the Bomb 30-1, 30 Overhead Press / 1 Burpee


Pioneer of Medina 30-1, 30 Coupon Squats / 1 Burpee

Barber Road 30-1, 30 Coupon Squats / 1 Burpee

Classic Causeway 30-1, 30 Coupon Squats / 1 Burpee

Tawny Port 30-1, 30 Coupon Squats / 1 Burpee

Ethereal Road 30-1, 30 Coupon Squats / 1 Burpee


We actually got through this a bit faster than I anticipated. So we took the opportunity to introduce some other F3 workouts to the FNGs and all got on the line to do some sprints (sort of) and then mosey back. We did 3 of these.

Bernie Sanders down, mosey back

Mario down, mosey back

Karaoke down, mosey back

With 5 minutes left, we circled up for Merry, if memory serves we did v-ups, Freddie Mercuries, Big Boys, Big Boys w/ Coupon and Yankovics favorite, Manatees.

Time was called, the PAX grabbed their coupons and headed back to circle up

COT: Count, 17 started 17 finished, Name O Rama, and then named 6 FNGs, awesome! Announcements were made, starting Tuesdays at Black Ops Goshen on 6/1, Lambeau stepped up to lead, Surprise VQ tomorrow at The Patriot, Derby Day workout and breakfast Saturday at The Patriot, May Monthly Ruck on Friday 5/20. I may have missed some others, let me know if so.

Intentions: Honestly, I can’t recall if I asked for these, or if I did, not many were mentioned. Likely because we went pretty long and were needing get rolling. I commented about the respect I have for all the PAX that come out and that keep coming out. Prayed to the Sky Q and headed out to crush this day!

Thanks for the chance to lead. -Swag

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