BB – The Range at The Patriot – The Flexseal Tour Finale 02.23.22

I’m pretty sure this is the first BB I’ve posted since becoming site Q at the Black Ops and now The Range at The Patriot. Honestly, I’m just not nearly as funny or clever as most. But I’ll do my best!

Flexseal wrapped up his Patriot tour, 3 Q’s in 1 week I believe, on this glorious morning in the gloom. 5 HIM met early at 0500 for a quick pre-ruck…after planting 4 flags…yes 4, Swag, Focker, Van Winkle, Holy Roller (R) and Ruby (R). Holy Roller told me this was his 1st ruck since knee surgery!

As we approached the statue after the ruck, the crowd was building. The excitement was palpable, anticipation of a beatdown thick. All in all 19 PAX came ready to work. Those included Bunion, Focker, Yankovic (R), Smoke, Xerox, Malpractice (Malfeasance per Boss Hog), Colonel Klink, Boss Hog (R), Swingset, Patty, Van Winkle, Holy Roller (R), Flexseal (Q), Swag, Layover, Mannequin, Dracula (FNG), Chili Pepper and Ruby (R). Whew, my fingers are tired.

We circled up, Flexseal called out 0530, disclaimer was given, count off and warm up. I honestly don’t recall what we did for warmup, but I think I recall some SSH, toy soldiers, downward dog (w/ Caitlyn Jenner…I think) and maybe a few other things. In any case, we were warm.

Flexseal instructed us to grab our coupons and head to City Place parking lot, right next to the soon to be completed F3 Park (thanks Boss Hog!). So nice of La Grange to build us a park, can’t wait for the beatdowns that will happen there. We lined up on one end of the parking lot and Flexseal briefed us on the Main Thang. It was the 77th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima. So we did 77 single count SSH, then right into 7 rounds of 7 sets each: Murder Bunnies, Push Press, Coupon Pull Throughs, Coupon Walking Lunges, Big Boys, Coupon Squats, Decline Merkins. The PAX had to stay together and complete exercises as a group. At one point Focker nearly through his block through the fence on the other side of the parking lot and we learned Colonel Klink only needs 2-3 murder bunnies to cross the entire parking lot.

Van Winkle was supposed to leave at 0600 as he does on Wednesdays, but the train had other ideas. He mentioned it was ok because he made up time by brushing his teeth before he came. Once the train was gone, Van Winkle was too.

We ended with some water fall Monkey Humpers, starting with 20, then 15, then 10.

We moseyed back to the statue, time was called, count off and we welcomed FNG Dracula. There’s a rumor about cool names coming from The Patriot, guess we need to ask Dracula if he thinks it’s cool.

Announcements, intentions and prayer. Another great Wednesday at The Range. Humbled to be with some many great HIM. Until next time. -Swag

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