3.30.22 Back Blast – The Range @ The Patriot

Weather: 46 degrees, slightly colder than the 54 degrees advertised by Swag.

Pax: Focker, Knob, Swingset, Layover, Mannequin, Malpractice, Wildflower, Yankovic (R), Holy Roller (R), Patty, Swag, Hightower, Van Winkle, Chili Pepper

Q: Lambeau

Everyone has that little bunny of doubt or fear bouncing around in their head. Sometimes that bunny is bouncing around a lot and sometimes we put it to rest for a bit…today we murdered that bunny at least for 45 min, and hopefully for a good while until our next workout…We did some murder bunnies all the way up the hill with burpees on each side of our coupon…ran the full length of heart-break hill for 11s (overheard press + curls at the top, and squats + merkins at the bottom). We finished with core and stood strong at the top of the hill. Another beat down in the books. R.I.P, bunny. -Lambeau

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