3.30.22 Back Blast – The Bridge at Posh

Weather: 48 degrees, slight bite to the air otherwise perfect.

Pax: Buzzsaw, Fertile Myrtle, Methane, Jitterbug, Minnow, Edward Scissorhands, Wet Bandit

Q: Stick Up

Yesterday, YHC wanted to work on cardio while at the Boondocks. This morning, still not feeling adequate cardio was completed, the plan was to do more.

0530 disclaimer was given, pax were encouraged to modify if necessary, head our for a mosey around the lot to finish in the coupon lot.

COP: SSH x20, Grass Grabbers x10, Toy Soldiers x10, Hillbillies x10, Downward dog, LoR, RightRight, Jenner Right, RoL, LeftLeft, Jenner Left, Mtn Climbers x15, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps.

Thang 1: Cardio – Blistering pace was set for a lap around the egg lawn. What felt like an all out sprint was closer to a 10min mile pace. We took a break about 3/4 around the loop to get some strength work in. Merkins, squats, boyos, squats, merkins. Continue running back to the flag.

Thang 2: Grind – Travis Manion WOD – 29 weighted squats, run a lap (1/4 mile). 7 rounds.

Just enough time left for some Mary before circling the flags.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

Thanks to Edward Scissorhands for getting me back on the calendar at Posh. It has been too long!

  • Stick Up

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