5.19.22 Pre Blast – Big Kapowski at Bayside

Tomorrow there are only two options: Bayside or somewhere else. Those with a keen eye will notice that fartsacking was not one of the two options. If Bayside is your flavor of choice, bring a coupon. We will hit all the main muscle groups and finish better than we started. Make the drive, it willContinue reading “5.19.22 Pre Blast – Big Kapowski at Bayside”

April 27, 2022 – Back Blast – The Tank at Vets

Weather: Just below 40 degrees. Not much wind if any. No rain, nice and dry. Perfect. PAX: Bombay, Soups, Worm, Lockbox, Vincent, Sgt Hulka, Kilo, Diablo, Meatball, Tony Malito, Harry Carey, Diane Dukes, Jewel Q: Stick Up It has been a while since YHC has Q’d the men at vets through a beat down. AsContinue reading “April 27, 2022 – Back Blast – The Tank at Vets”

4.25.22 Back Blast – The Incubator at Posh

Weather: Brisk 70 degrees. Slight wind out of the North West. No rain. Perfect. PAX: Methane, Lady Bird, Edward Scissorhands, Double Down, Jewel Q: Stick Up It was early on a Monday. Not many cars in the lot but more than anticipated for the news that was about to be given to the pax. 6Continue reading “4.25.22 Back Blast – The Incubator at Posh”

3.30.22 Back Blast – The Bridge at Posh

Weather: 48 degrees, slight bite to the air otherwise perfect. Pax: Buzzsaw, Fertile Myrtle, Methane, Jitterbug, Minnow, Edward Scissorhands, Wet Bandit Q: Stick Up Yesterday, YHC wanted to work on cardio while at the Boondocks. This morning, still not feeling adequate cardio was completed, the plan was to do more. 0530 disclaimer was given, paxContinue reading “3.30.22 Back Blast – The Bridge at Posh”

3.29.2022 Back Blast – The Planetarium @ Boondocks

Weather: 36 degrees, very little wind. Dry. Lovely. PAX: Honey Do, Yankovic (R), Patty, Big Bird, Colonel Klink Q: Stick Up The Boondocks. One of the two AO’s YHC has not Q’d. Time to check it off the list. A lot of planning went into this workout until the night before. The shoulders were reallyContinue reading “3.29.2022 Back Blast – The Planetarium @ Boondocks”

1.25.22 Back Blast – The Rooster at The Mutt

Weather: 28 degrees, slight wind (want to club up 1 to account for it), dry. PAX: Tiger, Backdraft, Peeping Tom, Wham, Buschhhhh, Deuce, Splinter, Larry Flynt, Glen Ross, Fridge, Buzzsaw, Ynot Q: Stick Up COP: 5:31, disclaimer was given, FNGs were asked about and we moseyed. Took a right at the playground and did theContinue reading “1.25.22 Back Blast – The Rooster at The Mutt”

1.14.22 Pre Blast – Baptizer at the Garden

There is a rumor about the Garden having some decent hills on site. I do not think they compare to the hills found at Posh, but they still may come into play tomorrow. There is also a nice area that can be used with four corners since, this has been requested, or at least askedContinue reading “1.14.22 Pre Blast – Baptizer at the Garden”

12.21.21 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski at Bayside

Weather: 32 degrees, dry, slight breeze. PAX: Air Supply, Birdie, Slugger, Firing Pin, Focker, Charolais, Schotzie, Ruby Q: Stick Up At 0530, disclaimer was given, no FNG’s in sight, lets mosey. We took a trip down the parking lot to the amphitheater and circled up for COP. COP: 20 SSH, 10 Grass Grabbers, 10 ToyContinue reading “12.21.21 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski at Bayside”

12.8.21 Back Blast – The Tank at Vets

Weather: 28 degrees according to the truck. No wind. Frost on the grass. Nice overall. PAX: Buzzsaw, Dynomite, Meatball, Fertile Myrtle, Tony Malito, Vincent, Snowman Q: Stick Up It was later in the day when one of the many Wednesday Site Q’s reached out to YHC to see if I was available to lead thisContinue reading “12.8.21 Back Blast – The Tank at Vets”

12.7.21 The Rooster at The Mutt Back Blast

Weather: COLD 30 degrees, slight wind, a dampness to the air. PAX: Wham, Tiger, Peeping Tom, Ballboy, Deuce, Backdraft, Frosty, Left Eye, Fridge, Windshield, Splinter, Bloody Mary, Glen Ross Q: Stick Up It had been quite a while since I Q’d the mutt or even posted there. Peeping Tom reached out to asking me toContinue reading “12.7.21 The Rooster at The Mutt Back Blast”

12.1.21 Back Blast – The Bridge at Posh

Weather: 39 degree. No wind. damp due to early morning drizzle but still nice. PAX: Edward Scissorhands, Dynomite, Bob Ross, Methane, Husky, Bacon, Lady Bird, Jitterbug Q: Stick Up Based on all the recent complaints from some pax, YHC decided a leg day was in order. Here’s how it went down. COP: Mosey over toContinue reading “12.1.21 Back Blast – The Bridge at Posh”

11.30.21 Back Blast – the Loco at the County

Weather: 41 degrees, no wind, dry. PAX: Air Raid, Timeshare, DeVitto, Hush Puppy, Methane, Pelican, Hardwood, Wildflower, Viking, Cowboy, Brown Water Q: Stick Up Simple and effective coupon work was the goal with this one. At, 0530, disclaimer was given and we took off on a mosey around the school and circled up in theContinue reading “11.30.21 Back Blast – the Loco at the County”

11.17.2021 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County

Weather: 62 degrees, damp, little to no wind. Perfect! PAX: Brown Water, Air Raid (R), Trebek, Single Source, Backflop, Dauber, Meter Maid, Tidwell Q: Stick Up YHC had never participated or Q’d a Heavy style workout in the 2+ years of posting. Props to Meter Maid for reaching out and pushing me to get onContinue reading “11.17.2021 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County”

10.26.21 Back Blast – Cliffs at The Garden – Ghost Q Week

Weather: 48 degrees, sprinkles of rain on the way in, dry otherwise. Slight breeze just to let everyone know that fall is approaching. Pax: Nice and Slow, Towel Biter, Wide Right, Dirtbag, Jitterbug (R), Subprime, Wet Bandit, Diane Dukes, Husky (R), Wabbits, Jewel, Huggies, Natty Lite Q: Stick Up As everyone circled up and discussedContinue reading “10.26.21 Back Blast – Cliffs at The Garden – Ghost Q Week”