11.17.2021 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County

Weather: 62 degrees, damp, little to no wind. Perfect! PAX: Brown Water, Air Raid (R), Trebek, Single Source, Backflop, Dauber, Meter Maid, Tidwell Q: Stick Up YHC had never participated or Q’d a Heavy style workout in the 2+ years of posting. Props to Meter Maid for reaching out and pushing me to get onContinue reading “11.17.2021 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County”

10.26.21 Back Blast – Cliffs at The Garden – Ghost Q Week

Weather: 48 degrees, sprinkles of rain on the way in, dry otherwise. Slight breeze just to let everyone know that fall is approaching. Pax: Nice and Slow, Towel Biter, Wide Right, Dirtbag, Jitterbug (R), Subprime, Wet Bandit, Diane Dukes, Husky (R), Wabbits, Jewel, Huggies, Natty Lite Q: Stick Up As everyone circled up and discussedContinue reading “10.26.21 Back Blast – Cliffs at The Garden – Ghost Q Week”

7.20.21 Back Blast – BoW at The O

Weather: 66. Cool, slight humidity, slight breeze out of the west. Nice. PAX: Porkchop, Harry Caray, OJ, Swatch, McAfee, Tron, Handbook, Fergie Q: Stick Up Disclaimer was giver at exactly 0530. Verbal confirmation of understands was granted, we grabbed the coupons and headed to the tennis courts for COP. COP: SSH, Grass Gabbers, Toy Soldiers,Continue reading “7.20.21 Back Blast – BoW at The O”

7.15.21 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Weather: Upper 60’s, no humidity, cooling breeze, GREAT! PAX: Ruby, Uncle Sam, Baby Camel (FNG), Slugger (2.0), Birdie, Borland, Firing Pin (2.0), Charolais, Slide Rule, Squid, Sadie Q: Stick Up It was finally time to check off Bayside for the Bucket O’ Fun from the AO list. It has finally made the journey and weContinue reading “7.15.21 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

7.14.21 Back Blast – The Tank @ Vets

Weather: 70’s, muggy, sticky, air was thick, no breeze. PAX: Kilo, Jewel, Newman, Worm, Bunghole, Vincent (R), Wide Right, PK, Yoshi, Alfalfa, Wet Sack, Diablo, No Nuts Q: Stick Up The morning started off nice. YHC was waiting to see the targeted body parts for Diablo’s EC sandbag stuff to not overload Jewel and Worm.Continue reading “7.14.21 Back Blast – The Tank @ Vets”

6.24.21 Back Blast – Big Kapowski at Bayside

Weather: Cool, Crisp, 63 degrees, clear skies. Wonderful. PAX: Charolais (R), Mr. Mom, Mouse Trap (2.0/FNG), Ruby (R), Shuttlecock (R), Slide Rule, Squid Q: Stick Up Per the Pre blast the idea this morning was to AMRAP the AMRAP for Time. As Many Rounds As Possible of As Many Rounds as Possible in 38 minutes.Continue reading “6.24.21 Back Blast – Big Kapowski at Bayside”

5.25.21 Back Blast – The Cliff @ The Garden

Weather: 60’s. Clear, slightly humid but not awful. No breeze. PAX: Wet Bandit, Diane Dukes, Gypsy, Nino, Subprime, Edward Scissorhands, Domino, Catfish, Wide Right, Cinnamon, Wabbits, NattyLite, Jewel Q: Stick Up 0530 (7am to those still sleeping), the disclaimer was given and we began our mosey. We strolled across the bottom lots, up the backContinue reading “5.25.21 Back Blast – The Cliff @ The Garden”

05.08.21 Back Blast – The Ruiner @ The O

Weather: Cool, crisp, 45. Slight dew on the grass, zero wind, overcast. Nice. PAX: Violet, Tron, Russdiculous, McAfee, TV Teddy, Gollum, Jewel, No Nuts, Silver Dollar (FNG), Timberwolf, Harry Caray, Handbook, Tammy Fae Baker Q: Stick Up COP: Mosey: Headed around the west side loop and finished up on the tennis courts to warm up.Continue reading “05.08.21 Back Blast – The Ruiner @ The O”

5.07.21 Back Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Weather: Lower 50’s. Wet but not raining. Cool breeze out of the west. Nice. PAX: Whitney, Russdiculous, Buzzsaw, Flex Seal Q: Stick Up 0530: Disclaimer given, modify if necessary, work hard. COP: Mosey to the school near the playground/soccer fields. SSHx25, Grass Grabbers x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15, downward dog, L/R Calf stretch, L/RContinue reading “5.07.21 Back Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

4.21.21 Back Blast – The Escalator @ The Abyss

Weather: 32 Degrees, snow on the grass, wet on pavement. Slight wind out of the NW. PAX: Flip Flop, F-Stop, Mr. Hat, Uncle Sam (R) Q: Stick Up COP: 33 SSH (IC), 10 Grass Grabbers (IC), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), 10 Toy Soldiers (IC), Downward Dog, L/R Calves, RightRight, LeftLeft THANG: We counted off inContinue reading “4.21.21 Back Blast – The Escalator @ The Abyss”

4.21.21 PB – The Escalator @ The Abyss

As YHC described tomorrow’s WO to a coworker, the sad clown asked the question: “You will still workout even if it snows?” Of course the easy and proper response is “Yea come on out!” But, for some reason I replied with “Of course we will, this ain’t the Garden! Be there at 5am.” No Coupons.Continue reading “4.21.21 PB – The Escalator @ The Abyss”

4.08.21 Back Blast – ToG at the O

Weather: 60’s, wet, slight drizzle pulling up to the AO but never really rained PAX: Motorboat, Jitterbug (R), Handbook, Number 2 (R), Tron, Gringo, Klopek, McAfee, Violet, Cousin Eddie Q: Stick Up COP: Mosey around from the start (keeping the courts to the right) and finished up on the tennis court closest to the flag.Continue reading “4.08.21 Back Blast – ToG at the O”