05.09.23 Back Blast – The Hawks Nest

Weather: Rain and 65 degrees Pax: Tron, OJ, Pastel, Ladybird (R), Spaulding, Squatter (FNG), Nutty Professor, Vincent (R), SweetTart Q: Stick Up The day after Vincent asked YHC to Q the Hawks Nest, a weinkie was in the works. Several different scenarios were laid out in dramatic fashion on paper across the office desk. MapsContinue reading “05.09.23 Back Blast – The Hawks Nest”

05.03.23 BACKBLAST – The Foundry at The County

Weather: 45 degrees. Clear skies. Cool, but not cold. Slight wind out of the west. Perfect. Pax: Meter Maid, Subprime, Double Pump, Pelican, Asian Zing (R), Tebow (R), Jerry Maquire (R), Brown Water, Dauber QIC: Stick Up YHC was supposed to Q The Foundry on March 8, but had to bail due to getting backContinue reading “05.03.23 BACKBLAST – The Foundry at The County”

1.06.2023 Back Blast – The Baptizer at The Garden

A dry 35 degrees with very little wind. Perfect weather for a morning at the Garden. YHC arrived early to set out some items for the pending beatdown. Knowing that Wax-On was an HC, this WO couldn’t just be thrown together. As I finished setting out cones, two vehicles appeared in the parking lot. TheContinue reading “1.06.2023 Back Blast – The Baptizer at The Garden”

1.3.23 Back Blast – The Max at Bayside

A plan was developed. PAX were ready. Everything was moving in the right direction. Then, the weather changed. We held firm in our commitment to get better. 9 HIMs showed up and put in the work. PAX: Slugger, Charolais (R), Birdie, Shuttlecock (R) Slide Rule, Eye Booger, Ruby (R) Banana Bread, Stick Up (Q). 0530Continue reading “1.3.23 Back Blast – The Max at Bayside”

12.22.22 Pre Blast: ToG at The O

Get up and get out to The O tomorrow morning. Its going to be close to 40 degrees and the last chance you have to see temps above 0 for the foreseeable future. Take advantage of the beautiful Buffalo style forecast and head to St. Matthews. No coupons needed to complete tomorrow’s plan. Gloves, probablyContinue reading “12.22.22 Pre Blast: ToG at The O”

6.24.22 Back Blast – The Choppa at Vets

Long, Long ago, on Monday 6/13/22, while in the middle of a work out I hear “Hey, Mr. Dependable, are you able to Q the chopper for me Friday since I’m going to be out of town?” Thinking Worm was talking to Huey, I instantly turned to see Worm looking at YHC. “Well, sure IContinue reading “6.24.22 Back Blast – The Choppa at Vets”

06.24.22 Pre Blast – The Choppa @ Vets

Tomorrow we do something different at The Choppa. Since the Site Q is out of town, we are actually going to have some fun out there. None of this serious, all work – no play attitude any more. We are going to change things up and enjoy ourselves. Lets get away from the the typicalContinue reading “06.24.22 Pre Blast – The Choppa @ Vets”

3.10.22 Pre Blast – The Baptizer at the garden

Ahhh, Friday. The day when sales people have “meetings” from dawn until dusk. Ya know, when you call them you can hear all the kids playing at the pool or part of their foursome hollering at the beer cart girls. Well, in the morning at the Garden, we will get some work done just inContinue reading “3.10.22 Pre Blast – The Baptizer at the garden”

5.19.22 Pre Blast – Big Kapowski at Bayside

Tomorrow there are only two options: Bayside or somewhere else. Those with a keen eye will notice that fartsacking was not one of the two options. If Bayside is your flavor of choice, bring a coupon. We will hit all the main muscle groups and finish better than we started. Make the drive, it willContinue reading “5.19.22 Pre Blast – Big Kapowski at Bayside”