05.09.23 Back Blast – The Hawks Nest

Weather: Rain and 65 degrees

Pax: Tron, OJ, Pastel, Ladybird (R), Spaulding, Squatter (FNG), Nutty Professor, Vincent (R), SweetTart

Q: Stick Up

The day after Vincent asked YHC to Q the Hawks Nest, a weinkie was in the works. Several different scenarios were laid out in dramatic fashion on paper across the office desk. Maps were printed and highlighter were used. It was starting to look like a murder board from your M’s favorite lifetime murder mystery. But, in the end things came together.

At 0330, when I was awaken from the faint cries of the newest 2.0, I could hear the hail hitting the skylights. Uh-Oh. We got some time for the weather to clear up so we will stick with the plan. As I left the house, no precipitation. GREAT! Pulling into the parking lot, BOOM, downpour. Great thinking by the amazing site Q, he pointed out the nice little covered walkway for us to gather under. Time for plans to change.

COP: SSH x 20, grass grabbers x 10, toy soldiers x 10, Hillbilly Walkers x 10, downward dog, Left over right, Left Left, Right over left, Right Right, michael phelps for a few seconds.

THANG 1: Since YHC was ill prepared for the weather situation it was time to adjust. Tabata style. 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. 3 rounds of 2 movements.

Set 1: Jump over burpees and weighted squats. After the 6 total rounds lets mosey the parking lot.

Set 2: Merkins and coupon held leg lifts. After 6 total rounds we ran the perimeter of the church.

Set 3: Bent over Rows and weighted lunges. Mosey the church in the opposite direction.

Set 4: Manmakers and big boys. Mosey the parking lot but go site seeing behind the building and get the grand tour from Vincent.

After returning to the cover, active recovery walk to the parking lot and line up along the church side. What’s a Stick Up Q without both burpees and bear crawls? So, to not dissappoint, we bear crawled across the lot and bernie sandered back. Talks of gas prices and how the Toyota Prius was originally made for Kings were had. I realized we still had some energy left. So, Round 2 Walking lunges across and bernie back.

By now its 0611 and the rain was just finishing up. In typical F3 fashion that is when we decided to head back to the cover for Mary and COT.

COT: CountOrama, NameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

It was great to see 9 other HIM make it out to a new AO for a beatdown in the rain. Not knowing what was coming or what was in store and they still CHOSE to come out and put in the work. The playlist was questionable for some and the speaker was not approved by any. It did not matter. I am grateful to be a small part of this thing we all have we have going here. It was great to see some old faces make the trip to Da Creek and to have new faces join in on the fun. We have a excellent opportunity at growth in this area. Its going to take pax making the effort to get there, lead, and bring other men from the surrounding area who do not realize how much they need this. Vincent has put in the effort to start this thing and needs our leadership to keep it rolling! Get on the calendar to Q and lets see what we can accomplish in 2023!

Until the next time.

Stick Up

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