05.03.23 BACKBLAST – The Foundry at The County

Weather: 45 degrees. Clear skies. Cool, but not cold. Slight wind out of the west. Perfect.

Pax: Meter Maid, Subprime, Double Pump, Pelican, Asian Zing (R), Tebow (R), Jerry Maquire (R), Brown Water, Dauber

QIC: Stick Up

YHC was supposed to Q The Foundry on March 8, but had to bail due to getting back in town from Cleveland the night before with a newborn. Not the best excuse I have used nor heard, but still the one I went with that day. I tried to find the plan from that day but came up a little short (now I know how TM feels at Holiday World (drum, drum, tsshh)).

Unable to fine the original, and knowing Memorial Day is approaching quickly, it was time to get a little Murph Prep in. As I pulled into the parking lot at 0525, I saw a few pax mingling around. Some faces I haven’t seen in a while!

We gathered up under one of the hoops waiting for the clock to tick down to 0530 and realized dauber only reads have the blast. He brought his ruck like he was supposed to but was confused about the part that said bring a ruck AND coupon. No biggie, Meter Maid had and extra.

Time for COP.

COP: 25 SSH (IC), 10 Grassgrabbers (IC), 10 Toy Soldiers (IC), 10 Hillbilly Walkers (IC), Downward Dog, Left Left, Right Right, Michael Phelps. Carry your heavy thing to the island.

We went down towards the playground and stopped at the Island to get instruction. Simple, Murph Prep.

THANG 1: 4 rounds, 10 Bent over rows, 20 Merkins, 30 squats, carry your coupon to the FAR island and back. Rinse/Repeat. Subprime decided its time to run from one end to another and establish physical dominence over the rest of the pax. What he didnt realize was meter maid was watch every movement subprime made and made sure to point our how he only went to the first island and not the one stated in the instructions. Subprime made up for it by going to the road next time. T-Claps to that beast! Each one of the 10 pax were putting in the work. Brown Water and his mismatched balls while Dauber talked of Bamboozles. Subprime and double down leading the way. Meter Maid, you know, Meter Maiding. As we finished up our four rounds, time for thang 2.

THANG 2: From the same starting point we did four rounds of 20 ruck overhead leg lifts, 20 Mtn Climber (4ct), 40 American Hammers, 20 Mtn Climber (4ct). After completing the reps carry your stuff to the far island and back. Here is where the men separated from the boys. Asian Zing, Tebow, and pelican got out front and stayed there. Meter talked of scheduling the upcoming County Fair in May (keep your eyes on slack). As time came to an end we circled up around the flag.

COT: CountORama, NameORama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

It was an honor to lead these fine gentlemen in the gloom. Always a good time at the county! We are well on our way to #MTCGA! Until next time.

– Stick Up

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