7.5.22 Back Blast – Loco at The County

The night before, the Site Q reached out to make sure YHC was ready to go in the morning. GREAT work by the Site Q, boss move. He needed to know if coupons were going to be used and more importantly, if he or other pax were hungover from festivities the night before, would they be okay. In a very short and simple form, I let him know, coupons were needed and it was a planned hangover friendly workout. With this new information, the Site Q, hyped up the beatdown as one does and recruited just the right number of men to attend. Here’s what a friendly hangover inspired workout, by a guy who hasn’t been hungover in decades, looks like the day after a long holiday weekend, in 95 degree heat indexed weather, on a blacktop parking lot with no wind. The following PAX were in attendance: Pelican, Jolly Rancher, Crock Pot, LIV (FNG), Wildflower, DeVitto, Wiche, Asian Zing (R), Double Down (R), Abacus, Stick Up (Q).

0530: Pax congregated under the basketball goal, were given the disclaimer and started a mosey out to central ave. Turned right and headed to the parking lot in front of the school for COP.

COP: SSH x25, Grass Grabbers x10, Toy Soldiers x10, Hillbillies x 10, Downward dog, Left over Right, Left Left, Right over Left, Right Right, Mountain Climbers x 10, Michael Phelps. Mosey back to were we left our coupons and pick them up.

THANG 1: Lined up along the lower curb of the lot. 10 manmakers, bear crawl to the upper curb, 10 burpees, lunge walk back. 3 rounds. Music was enjoyed by some, not heard by others, and not enjoyed by at least one. Once everyone completed the task, we took a lap around the entire campus.

THANG 2: lined up at the island closest to the church. Partner up for some dora. 100 Merkins, 200 bent over rows, 300 weighted squats. Run to the other island by the cars and back.

With just a few minutes remaining, and the moans and groans of keeping it light to accommodate those who showed up with a slight off felling, we circled up for some Mary.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

It was an honor to lead these fine gentlemen through something difficult on a Tuesday morning. To see a 400% increase in attendance from my last Q out there was nice and proof we are well on our way to MTCGA! Until next time.

-Stick Up

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