BB – Patty Q at the Foundry at the County – 7/6/22

PAX: Bozz (DR out of Toledo), Tudors, Pelican, Huey, Double Pump, Dauber, Meter Maid, Patty (Q)

Fist bumps were handed out, mumble chatter was lively, 0530 hit, the disclaimer was given, and the Foundry Pax got after it with a mosey around the parking lot for a quick warm up as the heat and the fartsack was not going to keep this group from getting better.

COD: Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Runners stretch (R over L/ Right-Right/ Tuck in leg and switch), Arm circles, and Michael Phelps. Last, we started a Nuclear in Cadence 10 count exercise, but instantly regretted it as the group was not interested doing SSH for 45 minutes. So we moved on to the main thang.

The Main Thang: Being my first Q at the County, I wanted to introduce MY main thang which is my 2.0’s, so each WO will be represented by these girls in my life. We started with my oldest, Elaina, with a 4 (year old) rung ladder exercise – 1st exercise -> travel -> 1st AND 2nd exercise -> travel -> and so on… Ladder was:

  • 5 merkins
  • 10 V-Ups
  • 15 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 20 Freddie Mercury (Single count each leg aka 2 count)

**Travel after each “rung” was a 40 yard bear crawl

The sweat was really coming down at this point and after a few 10 counts we were on to the 2nd Main Thang

Main Thang #2 – The Twins Dora WO. We partnered up (perfect numbers by the way) and moved. Dora exercise:

Partner 1 exercised while partner 2 traveled. Travel was a 40 yard lung with a mosey to the road and around the fence back to your partner – Modified WO was the 40 yard lung and with a 40 yard mosey back to your partner. Dora exercise:

  • 50 BOYOS
  • 100 BBS
  • 150 Mountain Climbers
  • 200 Overhead Claps

Front runners picked up the six or planked to finish the WO.

Once complete we moved into the final Main Thang where we celebrate the last Patty 2.0 Mia. Since there is not a Mia WO, we circled together for a 6 minute Mary with 15 reps each.

  • Peter Parkers – Double Pump
  • Reverse Crunch – Dauber
  • Heartbreak leg raise – Pelican
  • Copperhead Squats – Huey
  • Reverse Hand/Foot Superman – Tudors
  • Meter Maid sorry man I can’t remember your exercise but it was really impactful…
  • Merkins w/10 sec plank at the end – Bozz (DR)

We finished up and you know this group of men worked hard when there was a circle of sweat. Great work HIM!


Announcements – 2nd July ruck is coming up soon (Check Slack) where there will also be a PRE- Ruck before the main ruck… so does that mean there will be a 3rd Ruck in July??? Come out and see for yourself!; Where ever you post, support your fellow F3 Brother and wear white tomorrow in his journey to recover; Free to Bleed is coming up – “if you are strong enough to WO, than you are strong enough to give blood” – Huey

Intentions were given and finished with the Sky Q’s prayer. It was a pleasure to be with you this morning gentlemen. Until next time I will SYITG!


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