1.06.2023 Back Blast – The Baptizer at The Garden

A dry 35 degrees with very little wind. Perfect weather for a morning at the Garden. YHC arrived early to set out some items for the pending beatdown. Knowing that Wax-On was an HC, this WO couldn’t just be thrown together. As I finished setting out cones, two vehicles appeared in the parking lot. The first sat silently in the lot, slamming pre workout and getting hyper focused. The second, opened his door to plant the flag and released an acoustic sound wave of Adele, large enough to set off the school security alarm. Ok, we are working now. 2 more pax than anticipated have arrived. This is going to be worth it. As we waited for the clock to strike 0530, the last of the pax pulled in. Now we are up to 5, perfect for a Friday morning.

PAX: Edward Scissorhands, Jewel, Wax-On, Glowsticks, Stick Up (Q).

0530 hit and we mosey’d the parking lot and headed over ot the coupon stash for COP.

COP: 20 SSH, 10 Grass Grabbers, 10 Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog, Left over Right, Left Left, Right over Left, Right Right, Michael Phelps.

THANG: There were 8 cones set up around campus. Each had a different exercise and rep count. The goal was to follow a scheme brought to us by the great Paula Abdul. Run two cones forward, perform exercise, run one back, perform exercise. Continue this pattern around campus until time will be called.

Cone 1: 10 Jump over burpees
Cone 2: 30 Weighted Squats
Cone 3: 30 Merkins
Cone 4: 20 Plank Pull Throughs
Cone 5: 30 Weighted Lunges
Cone 6: 20 Curls
Cone 7: 25 Shoulder Presses
Cone 8: 10 Man Makers

Time was called, coupons were returned, a few mentioned how much better then could have performed if they showed up for mummbleruck, and we circled up for COP.

It is always and honor to lead any man that chooses to wake up and put in the work. Today was no different. Thank you gents for coming out!

  • Stick Up

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