5.14.23 MumbleRuck Back Blast

It was the typical Sunday rolling into Hatmakers. Pizza was sitting his car waiting on others show. We are thinking he arrived close to 4:30 just to make sure he was on time. YHC pulled in like normal followed by snowman. To keep with the routine at 0457 the text from Worm was received that he was coming in hot. As 3 Pax made their way up the driveway an unknown vehicle approached. We head back to grab the six. It’s McAfee. Worm finally rolls in a minute or two later, so we can get to work.

We begin our trek with the regular mumblechatter where worm offends everyone by taking things too far, pizza giggled not knowing if he should, and the rest kept everything extremely PC and polite.

Feeling we’re being discussed because some Pax have been hurt. We came to the conclusion they are hurt because some regulars during IHC have disappeared since the challenge ended. At this point, we hit the half way mark and turned back. Powering through the rain we passed several people out and about wondering why one old man with his four grown kids were wandering aimlessly through the park in the dark. As the trail came to an end and we arrived back at the vehicles it was time to depart and enjoy Mothers Day with our families.

Great morning for 7.15miles or so. In summary, we showed up, we walked, and got home before the 2.0s we’re awake. #accelerate #1%more

Next Sunday, same time. Expect to see YOU there.

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