Pre-blast- Finkle at the Patriot

Snaggletooth and Rip Van Winkle have supported me and traveled for most of my F3 Q’s. These guys have pushed me and encouraged me like no other. You have probably heard the saying “someone’s got a case of the Mondays!” Damn right we do! Finkle loves Monday’s and so does the patriot! It’s and opportunity to start the week off the right way. Don’t have regrets this week, smash that HC button. Let’s pack the house. We’re gonna win the morning and easily grab that 1%. Bring a coupon, ruck, or sandbag. Expect to burn some calories as we will be on the move. Aye

Published by Finkle @ the "O"

Father, christian, competitor, and site Q at the "O"

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