6.24.22 Back Blast – The Choppa at Vets

Long, Long ago, on Monday 6/13/22, while in the middle of a work out I hear “Hey, Mr. Dependable, are you able to Q the chopper for me Friday since I’m going to be out of town?” Thinking Worm was talking to Huey, I instantly turned to see Worm looking at YHC.

“Well, sure I can do that. But, wouldn’t you rather have someone that will make the guys work hard?” was the reply.

“I have 100% complete faith in your ability as a leader of these fine men to do what needs to be done and bring a great honor to Veterans’ park on a Friday morning. I cannot think of anyone better suited for this or more ready for the opportunity before them.” responded Worm.

So, here we are, Friday morning 0530 when 12 other Pax circled up around the seal and got ready for something special. Several new faces were among the crowd and looked eager to see what was in store. The night before Fertile Myrtle double dog dared me to “run the snot” out of the pax and that sounded like a great idea. So, that was my plan (that was planned out before we got to the gloom Mr. Carey), and we started the whole thing with COP after the disclaimer was given at 0530.

PAX: Tenderfoot (DR F3 Geneva), Harry Carey, Vincent (R), Pizza, Double Entry, Bombay, Leno (R), Ladybird (R), Snuggles (FNG), Diablo, Fertile Myrtle, Snowday, Stick Up (Q)

COP: SSH x 20, Grass Grabbers x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10, Hillbillies x 10, downward dog, calves, L/L, R/R, Jenners, 4ct Merkins x 10, Mtn Climbers x 10, Kendra Newmans.

THANG 1: We moseyed down past the chopper, down the paved hilled and stopped below the pavilion at the base of the grass hill. Partner up. 3 rounds of P1 running to the top and doing 10 step ups while P2 AMRAPs squats at the bottom. Switch.

THANG 2: Mosey along the creek, up the road and stop at the stone bleacher by the ball field. 5 dips, 5 steps. Work your way up the levels and add 5 reps per step.

THANG 3: Mosey up to the Jeffersonian parking lot and partner up again. Starting at the curb by the ball field, P1 bernies to the first parking spot while P2 AMRAPs lunges. P1 ARAMPS lunges until P2 Catches them using bernie sanders. continue P1 to the next spot, followed by P2 until reaching the far side. 3 rounds or so. Ended with an all you got from one end to the other.

Mosey back down and along the creek to finish with the big paved hill by the chopper.

Circled for some Mary before COT.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

Thanks for coming out this morning fellas. It is always an honor to led you fine men!

-Stick Up

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