BB – Q School – The Range at The Patriot – 8/24/2022 – Swag Q

I have to say I had more fun doing this Q than any other Q I’ve done, hope the PAX did as well!

I arrived at 0500 for a quick pre-ruck to get the blood flowing. Malpractice and Boss Hog joined me, which was the first time I think both of them had come to the pre-ruck. I always enjoy these because of the chance to get to know a few of the guys a little better. We expected to see Holy Roller, according to Malpractice, so when we didn’t we decide to walk to his house to see if he was lost. On the way, I was worried I might have to save the Mayor of La Grange’s life, but thankfully no cars came while he was rucking in the middle of the road. All in all, we were off to a good start.

We had 22 HIMs attend Q School, including:

Yankovic (R)
Ruby (R)
Colonel Klink
Saul Goodman
Boss Hog (R)
Single Source
Scammer (FNG)
Rip Van Winkle
Holy Roller (R)
Swag Q

My focus was on creating a plan and workout to try and put those PAX who have not yet Q’s at ease with the idea of doing so. This link was the basis for the plan today:

YHC welcomed the PAX to the ‘hump day’ of Q school, asked if we had any FNG’s, where I was informed we had one. Mentioned that at some F3 workouts, they only provide the disclaimer if FNGs are present, however, in Louisville we provide it at each workout.

Disclaimer: This is a free, peer lead workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of your injuries, please modify as needed as the most important thing is that we get better but don’t get hurt.

Next we reviewed the F3 Mission: To plant, grow and serve small workouts groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

This provided the basis for the first part of the workout.

Warmup / Circle of Pain (CoP):

Plant – Grass Grabber IC

Grow – SSH IC

Serve – Ace & Gary, 20 OYO for each partner

Invigorate – Grab coupon and mosey to green space City Place, drop coupons and continue mosey to Planet Fitness parking lot.

Thang 1: FREE of Charge

Unlike Planet Fitness, we are always free of charge.

15, 10, 5 merkins as a group, IC to celebrate the ‘freeness’ of F3.

Thang 2: Held Outdoors, Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold

Moseyed to F3 Park, under the Pavilion. Workouts are always outdoors, but there are pavilions at ‘most’ AO’s that can be used…though the Patriot chooses not the use them for some reason. But you know, they’re there.

Start on long end of pavilion, then bear crawl down, bernie back, bear crawl down and mario back.

Mosey back to green space where we left coupons….Colonel Klink later called it #couponhenge as we discussed it likely being odd if someone had stumbled across 22 coupons arranged in a circle with no people around while we were celebrating elsewhere.

Thang 3: Be lead by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.

We tipped the cap to the GoRuck welcome party to demonstrate this core principle.

Starting to my left, PAX says his F3 name, other PAX respond with ‘Hi, *F3 Name*’, do 1 burpee, then PAX who said his name calls out an exercise that we would do for 5 reps. Time was getting tight to compete the rest of the weinke, so we only got to about 1/2 the HIM.

Grab coupons hand head back to the statue.

Thang 4: Open to All Men

Leaving our coupons around the statue, all the PAX moseyed over to Highway 53, lining up shoulder to shoulder facing the road to make sure ‘all men’…and women for that matter…could see us proceed to do 10 monkey humpers IC then about face for 10 more with our, well, other sides facing the road.

If anyone in La Grange has been considering giving F3 a try, I’m sure this marketing approach will push them over the edge…in one direction or another.

Thang 5: I mistakenly jumped forward and called this the Circle of Trust, some of my brothers corrected me…which I mentioned later is a great lesson when you are the Q…your brothers are always here to help, they are for you.

We had around 4 minutes of merry, then ended with…

Circle of Trust/ CoT:



Named Scammer, FNG, Welcome!



To close, I shared how much F3 means to me, and my genuine desire to model the proper F3 workout structure, mission and core principals to help make those that have not Q’d more comfortable. Emphasizing that it’s ok to modify your plan and that your F3 brothers are for you and here to help get you through.

F3 has given me back what I missed most about playing baseball, ‘the guys’ the ‘locker room’ so to speak…and rucking has taken that to another level. I mentioned to Scammer how we know it’s hard to come to your first workout and that we appreciated him coming.

Prayed us out.

Again, had a lot of fun with this one, love you brothers…feel truly lucky to be a part of this group of HIMs.

Until next time. Swag

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