3-30-2022 Pre-Blast – The Range @ The Patriot

(Completely ripped off from Holy Roller’s strong emoji game, Q edited)

✳️ Tomorrow, a perfect morning for you to experience the Patriot. Our Q Lambeau says that clothes and coupons will be necessary. You can see the beautiful 🏛️ sights of LaGrange, You can hear the strength 💪 of the locomotive 🚂 as it breaks the town in two, You can smell 👃the sweat 😅 of a bunch of HIMs after Lambeau pushes us, You can feel the coolness 🆒 of your coupon as Lambeau reminds us why we get up for this, and you can taste the freshness of your breath 🪥 because you will brush your teeth before you leave your house (remember that is the secret).  100 West Main Street, LaGrange, KY  – Meet at the statue 🗽in front of the Courthouse. 0530

If it ain’t broke. SYITG -Swag

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