5/17/23 Parklands BB – Double Down Birthday Q

Listen up, folks, it’s a workout blast, Led by Double Down, whose birthday’s approaching fast! Join Methane, Bob Ross, Diana Dukes, and Ladybird too, And let’s not forget Begging Strips, the dog with a clue! Double Down’s the captain, he’ll push us to our best, With strength and endurance, we’ll all be impressed. Sweat willContinue reading “5/17/23 Parklands BB – Double Down Birthday Q”

PB 05/10/2023 – Methane Q, the Bridge at the Parklands

6 years ago tomorrow a neighbor of mine invited me to a Saturday morning workout with a group of guys at Seneca park. The selling point was that it was free. What I didn’t realize was that for the low price of free I would get a great workout, meet a great group of guys,Continue reading “PB 05/10/2023 – Methane Q, the Bridge at the Parklands”

Back Blast 05-03-2023 – Edward Scissorhands at The Bridge at Parklands

I recently had the privilege of observing a unique workout led by none other than Edward Scissorhands himself. The participants of this intense session included Methane, Jitterbug, Bob Ross, and Diana Dukes. The workout began with a brief warm-up routine that included dynamic stretches and calisthenics to get the blood pumping and muscles warmed up.Continue reading “Back Blast 05-03-2023 – Edward Scissorhands at The Bridge at Parklands”

PB for TheBridge 12/15/21 at The Posh. METH NUGGET

You better watch outYou better not cryYou better not fart sackI’m telling you whyMeth Nugget is coming to Posh He’s making a weinkeHe’s checking it twiceHe’s gonna find out why Kilo’s not niceMeth Nugget is coming to Posh He sees you do your MerkinsAnd he knows your burpees fakeHe knows if you’ve done all yourContinue reading “PB for TheBridge 12/15/21 at The Posh. METH NUGGET”

PB for TheBridge: The Parklands ✌️ Year Anniversary WO for 7/10/19 Co-Qs Glauc & Methane

Tomorrow we will celebrate 2 years of AO greatness at The Posh! 2 years ago, StarChild set off to find an east end AO that would continue to grow and expand the principles of F3 Louisville. He new the F3 need was great and that there were many sad clowns that were in desperate demandContinue reading “PB for TheBridge: The Parklands ✌️ Year Anniversary WO for 7/10/19 Co-Qs Glauc & Methane”

TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18

Methane – Q Uncle Rico Forced Closed (R) Jitterbug (R) Bob Ross Gypsy Drumroll Indo Dynomite! Mr. Hat McAfee Little Jerry (R) Grave Digger Retainer Maxi Crab Legs Bean Counter Star Child YHC had the pleasure of posting at TheCarpenter yesterday and learned the craft of woodworking. I thought I would take this knowledge backContinue reading “TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18”

Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands

Well just got done with the WO at TheCarpenter and man those guys are crafty. I was so inspired by their skill and dedication to the Carpenter, that I decided to have a workshop session instead of a workout session. So tomorrow I will show everyone how to build a Three-Legged Stool. It will beContinue reading “Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands”

Back Blast for TheBridge 5/2/18 – Esse Quam Videri

27 Pax (3 FNGs) came out to speak Latin and get better, not just seem to get better. Lets get to it… Q: Methane Pax: Forced Close, BobRoss, Swifty, Gypsy, Double Down(R), DoDoDoDoDo, Jitter Bug(R), Peach, Huggies, Nino, Tool Time, MacAfee, Nugget, Kilo, Peek-a-boo, Grave Digger, Ice Man(R), Hot Wheels, Star Child, Mr. Hat, Boozer,Rythim,Continue reading “Back Blast for TheBridge 5/2/18 – Esse Quam Videri”

BB for TheBridge – 4/11: Would you like to play a game?

YHC decided to leave today’s WO up to fate. A game of chance determined by strength, force, gravity and the SkyQ. The Pax of 15 were up for some fun. Methane -Q Mayberry Huggies Grave Digger Slippers Uncle Rico Glaucoma Flounder BobRoss Pew Pew Piggy Tool Time Iceman (R) Jitterbug (R) Boozer COP Group moseyedContinue reading “BB for TheBridge – 4/11: Would you like to play a game?”

Pre-Blast for TheBridge – 4/11: decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Methane here. Is your life really busy right now? Work piled up due to Spring Break? Just starting on your taxes? Trying to figure out if you should wear the gray simple pants or the navy…..StarChild? Well, let Methane help you out. Do what I do when it comes to hard decisions like do IContinue reading “Pre-Blast for TheBridge – 4/11: decisions, decisions, decisions…..”

Iceman, Volleyball, Burpees…and more Iceman.

When the PAX needed some Q spots filled I jumped at the challenge. I was torn about what to do as I recently went to Franklin, TN and they put a great beat down on me but I knew I wanted to show the PAX a little more ICEMAN. It was a quick decision –Continue reading “Iceman, Volleyball, Burpees…and more Iceman.”

Back Blast for #thebridge at @F3Parklands 02/07/2018

Q: Methane PAX: Star Child, Tool Time, PK, Boozer, Uncle Rico, Little Jerry (R), Dunphy, Rhythm, Double Down (R), Methane CONDITIONS: Sleet/Rain with a temp of 33° ATTIRE: Nyke compression pants, Smedium F3 shirt, Unger Amore shell and Addios shoes. This morning, 10 PAX put in a full body workout to #obtaingooder (yup, it’s aContinue reading “Back Blast for #thebridge at @F3Parklands 02/07/2018”

Pre-Blast for #TheBridge at #TheParklands 02/07/2018

As a kid, I always wanted named brand stuff. Nike, Izod, Polo, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Well, tomorrow’s WO at #TheBridge is dedicated to all those kids who grew up on Nyke, Eyezod and man-on-horse-with-stick. I’m sure everyone will want to workout at The Mutt with Insane-0, I get that. But forContinue reading “Pre-Blast for #TheBridge at #TheParklands 02/07/2018”

The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???

Dear Secret Public Diary: Today started off a little rocky as I almost ran over Methane when I was backing out of my driveway.  That got my adrenaline running quickly so I was ready to Q.  We went to pick up Bobross, and as usual, he came walking out of his garage holding a ceramicContinue reading “The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???”

R&R Backblast at Posh

This is hands down the easiest read in the history of backblasts. We rinsed. We repeated. As easy as it is to read, it was doubly hard for the PAX. PAX: 16! PK, Uncle Rico, Gypsy, Swifty, Force Close, Tool ✊️🍆😜Time, Methane, Dynomite!, Glaucoma, Bobross, Ice Man, Dunphy, Dutch Oven, Nugget, Mr. 🎩, and ⭐️👶.Continue reading “R&R Backblast at Posh”

#The Bridge BackBlast: Hip Hop Hump Day #morethanaworkout #HIMs

QIC: Zartan PAX: Spinal Tap, Mr Hat, Iceman, Glauc, Rhythm, Forced Close, Double Down, PK, Nugget, BobRoss, Mash Bill, Gypsy, Swifty , Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Dynomite!, Face, Methane, Indo 2 Days 2 AOs 2 Qs.  Lots of tunes and tons of Boy-Os.  This morning in the gloom the sounds of Outkasts, Digable Planets andContinue reading “#The Bridge BackBlast: Hip Hop Hump Day #morethanaworkout #HIMs”