Pre-Blast for #TheBridge at #TheParklands 02/07/2018

As a kid, I always wanted named brand stuff. Nike, Izod, Polo, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Well, tomorrow’s WO at #TheBridge is dedicated to all those kids who grew up on Nyke, Eyezod and man-on-horse-with-stick. I’m sure everyone will want to workout at The Mutt with Insane-0, I get that. But for those less fortunate I present the Parklands knock-off “Methane-O”. Methane-O will squeeze himself into a smedium F3 shirt and will bring you all the great exercises. We’ll start off with some ‘not-in-the-middle-hedge-jumps’ and also some ‘bluff-hikers’ and maybe end with some ‘belchers’.

Hope to View Your Person In The Malaise. #obtaingooder

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