2.6.18 #Rooster Back Blast – Buschhhh –VQ: Kegs and Legs

After posting for 6 months YHC was head locked by #MadCow for FINALLY my VQ. While I have officiated weddings, given eulogy’s and made some large presentations, I must admit, I had that nervous gut feeling to make sure everyone enjoyed. I’d like to think I didn’t disappoint. 15 PAX and 1 FNG Joined me for a little “B..DOUBLE E….DOUBLE R….U..N”














Mad Cow


Little Jerry

FNG – Left Eye (Shoop)

As Pax rolled in you could tell some HT 8th graders had a good parking lot party last night as 4 empty kegs sat in the middle of the back lot.


We circled around the left over wreckage left by most likely Country boys kids #wherewereyou for a little ACDC Thunderstuck. Simple exercise, run in place until you hear “ThunDAHHH” then drop down for merkin. Repeat for 3:47

THANG 1: True to form – Beer Run. We split pax into 2 groups and each group was responsible for two kegs each. Informed the group that until the end of the workout the kegs do not hit the ground or your group does 5 BOYOs. We lined up for Native American Keg Run through the neighborhood.. Team 1 Started out strong until the FNG took off on a mad sprint for team 2. Kilo had to run him down like a hungry dog chasing a meat wagon to get him back in line… Very comical!  The sound of a “Mad Cow Bell” rang out within one of the kegs as we came up Longfield to circle back for Thang 2

THANG 2: 2 members of each team killed – 20 shoulder raised, 20 OH presses, 20 Squats, 20 curls (with Keg) Sprint to other team members that were doing 20 SSH, 20 Nelly’s, 20 IMP Walkers, 20 lundges with a R&R until teammates were all complete. Shout out to Zoo/Quimby/CI for doubling up with the odd man out (YHC).

THANG 3: “Pass the Trash” Teams lined up like Red Rover for Al Gores, While other team members did 10 OH Press with keg and then Passed the beer. Played this one out to the good ol “BeerRun” Song.

THANG 4: For a little merry I put the ACDC on repeat and we scissor kicked while switching legs every time we heard “Thundahhhh” . This was agonizing so I incorporated some LBCs during the long part… Yes the kegs were still involved… Team member with the kegs piked up for keg kicks and handed down the line.

We were 44.5 minutes through our w/o and no one had let a keg touch the ground until MadCow dropped the bomb. In good faith all Pax did 5 boyo’s.

By this time I think both teams were neck and neck for winning the keg Challenge. There had to be a tie break! So to the football field we moseyed One member of each team was elected for a good ol fashion keg toss.

So there we were… a well-dressed city slicker..the fashionista from the eastah:#Zoo vs “I was born for this” Bovine #Madcow.  With two grunts and inevitably one hernia #MadCow takes the victory.

We circled up around the flags, shared some intentions. Met our new FNG, who shared his country song (life story) with us. The Next Door App that brought him to the gloom didn’t have any suggestions for a nickname, so we took Shoop..Shoop a Doop to Left Eye Lopez.

Poppin’ my VQ was a highlight for me. Thanks for letting me be apart of this crazy thing we do.

By the way Zoo has shorts on. I wore some of the free beer gear I have acquired. MadCow took more pictures than he did Merkins.


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