BB- St Practice Day. 3.16.19 Buschhhh @ o’MUTTigans.

Pax (24): Wham, Wham-O, Tiger, Quimby on the two peddle, Soft Top, CatFish, Fergie, Duece, Fridge, Yogi, Airplane, Tureen, McAfee, Geppetto, Windshield, Pepperoni, Zima, Corn Bread, Zoo, Porkchop, late arrivals by Stinger and Loco, 2 FNGs - Miracle Grow and Mookie. Arrived to a nice surprise from Catfish. My boy greg was a virgin to … Continue reading BB- St Practice Day. 3.16.19 Buschhhh @ o’MUTTigans.

Back Blast- 8.23.18 Buschhhh @The Extender

Q: Buschhhh Pax: Zima, Zoolander, Hamm, Glen Ross, Fridge, Pepperoni, Escort, Duece, Nugget, Gepetto, SpreadSheet, PED, BluePrint, Myagi, Peroni, Hand Jive, RI RI, Sump Pump, Wham-O, Snowman, Pink Panther, Sprinkler, Yogi, Zartan, DiGiorno, CI, Tiger, Cowbell, FNG-Mary Poppins aka Bert, FNG - Bean-O. Now that my thumbs are cramped let me get right to it. … Continue reading Back Blast- 8.23.18 Buschhhh @The Extender