BackBlast – St Patrick’s Day 3.17.18

Sorry for the delayed B.B.

When I looked at the calendar, I laid my eyes on the 17th and had this idea to incorporate Guinness some how. Little Jerry had the O and Vincent was already down for the Mutt. I knew these HIMs would be up for a little running and we’re kind enough to let me “run” with this idea. As many of you would have guessed I also had to include some kind of beer element.

@ The Mutt Vincent started with a coupon beat down. You vs You. 1 minute on 15 seconds off. Curls, OH Presses, Merkins, coupon bell swings and may be missing a couple.

I took over from there. Got everyone a ridiculous green hat and Guinness blinkie light thingy and we were off. I believe Zoo and Vincent were the only ones who knew where we were going. There were 7 shamrocks placed along Leland and St Matts Ave for the 15 HIMs to stop for 7 quick merkins while the six caught up with everyone.

Once we turned the corner off St Matthews Ave, I’m pretty sure everyone thought we were going to Heine Bros for an early coffeteria. Little did they know I had arranged 30 pints of Guinness to be waiting for us at Molly Malones. The even better surprise was Little Jerry’s crew from the O ironically were there waiting on us. 27 legal drinkers and Sea Bass partook in 15 min of some 2rdF. I made one rule when we got there: Every pax had to find someone from the other AO and knock out 5 Bropees. A few pics later both AOs we’re back to their respective sites. Mutt boys stopped at each shamrock again for some merkins and then last leg up Leland was an All ya got to the finish. At this point the Guinness pint wanted to come back up for some, but Vincent led us out with some stretching that got us back to zen. We circled up. Vincent and I thanked the pax and the man upstairs.

I appreciate the guys I have gotten to know through F3. Anybody that will run a couple miles to share a Guinness at 7:30a on a cold Saturday morning, I would call a HIM and a Friend.

Oh yeah Zoo wore light green polo with long sleeve white shirt and orange shorts to match the Irish flag, but the green hat wouldn’t fit his head.. (either)



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