VQ Week April 16 – 20



Dear PAX,

The week of April 16 – 20 is hereby designated as VQ Week. Site Q’s are going to use this arbitrarily selected week to give an additional push to some of you who we want to see lead us in the Gloom. Yes, we all enjoy the uncertainty that comes with Captain Insane-o’s shenanigans; like seeing how many times Zartan can say BOYO in a 45 minute span; and, always appreciate watching Starchild make stuff up as he goes (“I’m going to call this a Starman jump”). But, we have several new, strong, natural leaders in our midst. If you’re reading this and wondering if I may be talking about you, I assure you the answer is, “Yes, I am.”

F3 is here to invigorate male community LEADERSHIP. There is no better way to see this in immediate action, and to see what you can do, than to lead a group of HIMs in the Gloom. You lead; we will follow.

When you take that leap to Q, I am here to help, but so are many others. To quote my favorite movie character, “Say When.”

Wherefore, let’s ACT INTENTIONALLY to use VQ WEEK to inspire leadership! Let’s see how many VQs we can get!


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