Back Blast- 8.23.18 Buschhhh @The Extender

Q: Buschhhh

Pax: Zima, Zoolander, Hamm, Glen Ross, Fridge, Pepperoni, Escort, Duece, Nugget, Gepetto, SpreadSheet, PED, BluePrint, Myagi, Peroni, Hand Jive, RI RI, Sump Pump, Wham-O, Snowman, Pink Panther, Sprinkler, Yogi, Zartan, DiGiorno, CI, Tiger, Cowbell, FNG-Mary Poppins aka Bert, FNG – Bean-O.

Now that my thumbs are cramped let me get right to it.

Gearlander: clothes.. oh and shoes and some two day old socks. Ah yes and some sort of beer hat.

This was my 1 year F3 anniversary. And in typical fashion of the HIMs around me everyone is stepping up to Q on their Versarys. But wait?! I don’t Q!!! I just show up, run around little bit, talk some shit to Zoo and Backdraft, cut up with Tiger… A couple dick jokes, try to beat CI or Zartan in everything, occasionally bring some tasty suds and I’m out. My Post to Q ratio is awesome! But I guess if F3 has taught me anything over the last year it’s a bunch of strangers in the dark that are all in this thing together.

As Pax rolled in it started to look like Shelbyville Rd in December:

Let’s Mosey!


Had to make this quick bc I knew Thang 1 was going to take a while.

20 Grass Grabbers

15 Abe Vigodas

A Little Cobra and Doggie Dog

Some leg stretching while admiring the mini convergence circle that 31 Pax made up. Anddddd we’re done.

On to the Weinke:

So Q’n only 4x a year gives a guy some time to think of some ideas outside the norm. The key is to remember them. So anyway I like to bet Push ups in public. Mainly at bars or golfing. Well I recall a night many years ago playing some Cricket at BBC and the joker I was playing had to get on top of the bar and do some present day Merkins.

Long story, longer… I found a cardboard box, 3 different size bowls a permanent marker and wahlaa:

Similar to the infamous DiGiorno BOP there is 20 listed exercises that all correlate to their respective number on the board, which in turn gives you the amount of reps to do for that specific exercise. Still With me? To throw some confusion and math in there (F3’s toughest exercise) there is double and triple the reps. Each Pax found a partner (competitor) to play against. Player 1 works his way through the board however he sees fit. Start with 20s, Double 20s and Trip 20 or All single exercises then all doubles and then all triples… however they wanted. Meanwhile Player 2 is running as fast as he can around the school to end Player 1s turn. Rinse and repeat for Player 2. The key here was to get back to board quickly so your partner (competitor) didn’t have a bunch of time to complete a bunch of numbers.

No one made it all the way through. Each Pax took a different approach, but we all got goodr.

COT: 2 FNGs came from Sprinkler that he himself is only 2 days in. At this rate he’s already headlocked more guys and is only 4 Qs behind my resume. FNG1-Mary Poppins because we didn’t know the name of the Chimney Sweeper and FNG2- Bean-O because he works with Gas at LGE. Pepperoni drew the 6. He worked at Papa Johns. Kind of funny if he was an FNG today how different that name would be…

had some great intentions. Myagi posted about one of them. I mentioned a quick reference I heard Old Bay say one time: “Happiness is a choice. We don’t have to be an asshole, frustrating situations may take us there, but inevitably it’s a choice.” We can all go out to be better “sisters” yeah I said it…

But To have 31 guys come out for a Q of mine is very humbling. Buttttttt Next time I want to see 32! Or at least one more than a Kilo Q.

Buschhhh out

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