Crucible Back Blast – Week 3 IronPAX Challenge

For the past two weeks several PAX, including myself, have been putting themselves through the F3 IronPAX Challenge that is being put on by F3 Greenwood. I was excited about the opportunity to compete against other Pax across other regions, and also test myself through some difficult challenges.

However, I did not expect for these workouts to be as taxing as they have been. Luckily each week we get sent the workout ahead of time, so you can somewhat mentally prepare. Although, knowing the workout ahead of time also allows for you to begin dreading it because you know how bad it will hurt. This week was no exception to that. A 30-minute AMRAP is sure to make any man tremble with fear, and one that includes burpees and hand release merkins is sure to bring mere mortals to tears.

With that being said, here is the workout for those who did not see it on Twitter:

Week 3Week 3 b

This was a brutal one for all who competed and I am very proud of the 8 PAX who showed up to take on this challenge.

Q: McAfee

PAX: Huggies, Hot Wheels, Catfish, Nino, Fergie, Pork Chop, Dunphy, McAfee (Q)

Here are the reps counts for each of the PAX:

Huggies: 392 reps

Hot Wheels: 393 reps

Catfish: 729 reps

Nino: 409 reps

Fergie: 421 reps

Pork Chop: 434 reps

Dunphy: 429 reps

McAfee: 732 reps

Big props to everyone here and our boys at Bayside who competed in the challenge.

I ended with a quick COT, but it was short since I was out of breath and my head was on fire. All in all, I am thankful for this opportunity to share with other men so that we can get gooder together and have a stronger impact on our community.

-McAfee out

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