McAfee’s 3rd Postiversary Q – Ruck PT @ The O

Tomorrow marks my three year anniversary with F3! It’s hard to believe its been that long but I am excited to start the day off right with my brothers in the Gloom. Tomorrow I will be bringing back one of my favorite WODs but with a bit of a Rucking twist. So bring your ruck/coupon/weightContinue reading “McAfee’s 3rd Postiversary Q – Ruck PT @ The O”

PreBlast – Black Ops @ Peggy Baker Park in Oldham County – Tuesday – 8/13

EDIT – Moving to 8/13 because of Q-School Week – Bulletin We are going to try out a new place. Peggy Baker Park is where South Oldham Little League resides. The park isn’t huge but does provide some lights, playground and basketball court and we can make use of all of it. Meet-up here,-85.4335351,100m/data=!3m1!1e3Continue reading “PreBlast – Black Ops @ Peggy Baker Park in Oldham County – Tuesday – 8/13”

7/22/2019 Cox Park BO Backblast

Q: CI Pax (11): Face, PED, Nino, Nice & Slow, Huggies, Fall Guy (R), Busch, OJ, Nugget, Pope, CI Conditions: 74*. Tons of barking spiders. Gearlander: Pink buff (to be like Nino), 20# vest, 100 # sand bag, 60 # sand bag, 50/30/30# kettlebells We’ve hit Cox a few times. Zartan wrote the best backContinue reading “7/22/2019 Cox Park BO Backblast”

PreBlast BlackOps at St. Pats with Bulletin Q – 6/25/2019

I was originally scheduled to Q at St. Patrick’s on Thursday but Airplane needed to switch, so he would have time returning from vacation. Having just returned from vacation myself, the theme for the day will be rest, but you are going to have to earn it first. I’ve posted here about a month agoContinue reading “PreBlast BlackOps at St. Pats with Bulletin Q – 6/25/2019”

BackBlast for BO Heavy @theCounty – 4/10/2019 – Bulletin Q

PAX: Crock Pot, Big Bird, Wildflower, Le Pew, Bulletin (R) Q. What a fantastic morning to be out in the gloom. This workout keep me busy last week at my gym, so I modified a few thing but the general purpose was the same. Work through the list on the left (Chest Press, Squats, Curls,Continue reading “BackBlast for BO Heavy @theCounty – 4/10/2019 – Bulletin Q”

Heavy Hump Day – Back Blast 3.13.19

YHC has enjoyed heavy workout ever since we started doing them at Sojourn. I missed them for a while but was excited when the Vets and County decided to bring them back. I Q’ed a Heavy a couple weeks back at Vets and when the opportunity came to lead one at the County I jumpedContinue reading “Heavy Hump Day – Back Blast 3.13.19”

Slippery Hills at St. Pats – Back Blast 3.14.19

I didn’t realize what the weather was going to be like this morning until after I read OJ’s pre-blast and took a look at the weather channel. Once I realized that it was going to be pretty gnarly weather conditions I had to scrap my whole workout. I wanted to keep us moving and notContinue reading “Slippery Hills at St. Pats – Back Blast 3.14.19”

2/3: BB for another Poshy Ruck

Alexa: what did you do this morning? OK! Here’s what happened: Pax: Deep Dish, Jolly Rancher, Alexa (Q is there a Q on a Black Ops Ruck? Although the weather the day before was sunny and in high 50’s, the temperature dropped quite a few degrees overnight. It was a little on the cool sideContinue reading “2/3: BB for another Poshy Ruck”

BackBlast – 2/2/19 BlackOps #F3Runners Abacus Q

Running is my favorite exercise! I love the feeling of the body warming up and coming to life. The act of running is a steady state of mental focus and movement. Nothing is better for getting lost deep in the thoughts of your mind. Often during running I find myself thinking of absolutely nothing whileContinue reading “BackBlast – 2/2/19 BlackOps #F3Runners Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 1/27/18 BlackOps Jefferson Memorial Forest SiltStone Training Running – Abacus Q

PAX – Little Jerry (R) and Abacus Q met at 0750 for a fun jog through Jefferson Memorial Forest along the Silt Stone and Scott’s Gap Trails. It looked like this, but the hills feel waaaayyyy steeper when you are running them. This was my first time on Scott’s Gap (see the little loop atContinue reading “BackBlast – 1/27/18 BlackOps Jefferson Memorial Forest SiltStone Training Running – Abacus Q”

State of the Region and Changing of the Guard

On April 22, 2017 I showed up to the first F3 Louisville workout at the Seneca Park Tennis Courts (The O) with a couple of others not knowing at all what to expect.  It was a rainy, cold morning and my wife and I had just brought home our third 2.0 from the hospital theContinue reading “State of the Region and Changing of the Guard”

Back Blast – Poshlands Black Ops

Abacus and Little Jerry met up at 5:20 this morning for 10 miles through the snow.  No chance of getting lost.  5 miles out and 5 miles back and nary another human footprint but ours.  Abacus did ponder what the other animals must think about us and our odd foot prints…  Great run with greatContinue reading “Back Blast – Poshlands Black Ops”

1/9 BB – the County #Heavy Black Ops

Alexa, Recap the workout from this morning” Ok! Here’s what went down: PAX: Launchpad (R), Bulletin (R), Wildflower, Jolly Rancher, Big Bird, Momma’s Boy, Fungi, Valdez, Alexa (QIC) Conditions: Low 30’s. Dry. Dark. Windy. Welcome. Introduction. Disclaimer Simple Start – 50x SSH’s WEINKE EXPLAINED– (stole this one from Flounder-you know Imitation is the sincerest formContinue reading “1/9 BB – the County #Heavy Black Ops”

1/6 Backblast- “Stranger Danger” Ruck

  7 PAX met up at 5:30 to start a 10 mile ruck at the Posh. 4 of us were there on time…Meter Maid had technical difficulties and couldn’t get out of his house, so Airplane being a true HIM, swooped by and grabbed him on the way. In typical Momma’s Boy fashion, he cameContinue reading “1/6 Backblast- “Stranger Danger” Ruck”

Back Blast – Double Down Black Ops at Posh

How could I possibly live up to paying enough honor and send enough love and prayers to Double Down this morning as he faces this new chapter in his life of healing.  I can’t, but 23 HIMS at the Poshlands can come close. Huggies, Frosted Tips, Nino, Pew Pew, Rhythm, Uncle Rico, Catfish, Methane, Kilo,Continue reading “Back Blast – Double Down Black Ops at Posh”

BackBlast – Sawyer BlackOps 11/27 Abacus Q

This site is outstanding! Tons of room, well lit (considering some of our AO’s), PT equipment, convenient, and the list could go on, but I have to go so it won’t. Weather – cold and windy, but dry! PAX – catfish pork chop Alexa retainer hot wheels jolly rancher mud bug Milton Abacus Q CapriContinue reading “BackBlast – Sawyer BlackOps 11/27 Abacus Q”

Pre-Blast. BO. Ruck. Black Friday: Let’s Go Shopping…Ruck. I Meant To A BEAT DOWN!

  Date: 11/23/2018   Time:  0630   Where: The O — Basketball Courts   Gents, Who wants to get in some extra credit before we start?? HA! Joking.  I won’t be on Miyagi-Time. I will be on F3 Time. So let’s get out there and get to it! We will be booking it, and thereContinue reading “Pre-Blast. BO. Ruck. Black Friday: Let’s Go Shopping…Ruck. I Meant To A BEAT DOWN!”

BackBlast – November 2018 Ruck – Abacus Q’DRE 11/16/18

PAX – Devitto, OJ, Violet, Diablo, Chestnut, Tool Time, Big Bird, Plumb Bob, Kilo, Ice Man, PK, Fanny Pack, Momma’s Boy, Fungi, Alexa, Abacus (YHC) Posting at different sites during the week, I heard how tough the Ruck was going to be or was expected. Maybe that was because of the disclaimers I put outContinue reading “BackBlast – November 2018 Ruck – Abacus Q’DRE 11/16/18”

Back Blast – Operation Legacy Veteran’s Day Ruck in honor of Marine Sgt. David N. Wimberg 11/11/2018

Weather – Cold Sunny 25 degrees.  75% humidity 14 PAX – Sump Pump, Alexa, Meter Maid, Airplane, Skid, McCoy (R, FNG), Huggies (Q), Jitterbug (R), Maize, Catfish, Diablo, Momma’s Boy, Fungi, Chestnut I’ll start with how this all came together.  I was in a time pinch trying to get this project off the ground.  We’veContinue reading “Back Blast – Operation Legacy Veteran’s Day Ruck in honor of Marine Sgt. David N. Wimberg 11/11/2018”

Back Blast Norton Commons BO 10/12/18 Zima-Q; Opposites Attract

I had the day off work yesterday and decided that we needed something fresh for the weinke today and i have never really looked at the Exicon much.  So after an hour or so of sorting 700+ options (it’s a really good resource) I had what I thought was a pretty solid workout.  Now, beingContinue reading “Back Blast Norton Commons BO 10/12/18 Zima-Q; Opposites Attract”

BackBlast #BlackOps #theCounty 9/22/18 Abacus Q

The first day of fall 2018 brought the PAX out for a wonderful beat down in nearly perfect conditions. F3 Louisville’s growth over the last year has been remarkable. Nearly 200 PAX got better today doing something…rucking, pride week, ranger panty rucking (my eyes burn thinking about this) or an Abacus beat down. Maybe notContinue reading “BackBlast #BlackOps #theCounty 9/22/18 Abacus Q”