Slippery Hills at St. Pats – Back Blast 3.14.19

I didn’t realize what the weather was going to be like this morning until after I read OJ’s pre-blast and took a look at the weather channel. Once I realized that it was going to be pretty gnarly weather conditions I had to scrap my whole workout. I wanted to keep us moving and not be laying on the ground too much. I can’t stand LBCs in the rain, so I went with an alternative approach.

YHC arrived around 5:20 AM and did a little trip around the location. I tried my best to measure the big hill out front to see how long it would take to run up and back. I also took a quick trip to the playground to see what we had in store for later.

I arrived back to the front parking lot around 5:25 AM and saw several PAX waiting for me. Although the rain was coming down hard when I was driving in, it was starting to let up and several of us shed our jackets and were ready to roll in shorts and t-shirts.


Gypsy, Nino, Milton, Catfish, Frosted Tips, Luther (FNG), Huggies, McAfee (QIC)


We moseyed over to an empty parking lot for our warm-up. Beforehand I gave the disclaimer to the FNG and we were ready to roll.

Across the parking lot we performed the following exercises:

High Knees

But Kickers

Knee Pulls

Walking Lunges with a twist

Karaoke facing right

Karaoke facing left


Runner’s Jog

Main Thang

After COP we moseyed over to the main road leading up to St. Patrick’s. If you have not been here, it a relatively long (100 yards or so) with a pretty good incline (~30 degrees). So when I visited last week, I thought this would be great for hill sprints, and it turned out I was right.

20-Minute EMOM (Adjusted for time and conditions)

Split into two groups

Group 1 – Spring up the hill and back (rest during rest of the minute)

Group 2 – AMRAP Bobby Hurleys/Squats during the round

Switch and repeat for 20 rounds

During this time, Nino looks at me and asks if my creative juices were gone. I didn’t explain to him how I changed the entire workout due to the rain. I just asked if he was tired of hills sprints, and I am pretty sure he was. Huggies had my back though and said it doesn’t always have to be creative to be difficult. Sometimes the simplest workouts are the hardest. Shout out to Huggies!

After the sprints, we did one more up the hill as we headed to the playground.

Second Thang

At the playground we gave our legs a little break and did a second 10-minute EMOM:

Group 1 – AMRAP Dips

Group 2 – AMRAP Mountain Climbers

Switch and repeat for 10 rounds

After we finished up we moseyed back to the flag for COR, NOR, and COT.

FNG was named Luther for his vast knowledge of Catholic and religious history. Looking forward to seeing him again in the Gloom.

Announcements: Mock Course this weekend, Convergence on 4.20, Huggies is hosting another charity ruck in April (be on the lookout for details), and Catfish has the Q at St. Pats next week.

Intentions were lifted up and I took out with a prayer.

Until next time…

-McAfee out


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