Back Blast: McAfee’s Pitch Perfect Inspired Q

In true HIM fashion, I decided to reintroduce everyone at the “O”riginal to one of the most iconic characters of this century, Fay Amy from Pitch Perfect. For those of you who do not know who this is, do yourself a favor and go and watch Pitch Perfect on Netflix this weekend. You will NOTContinue reading “Back Blast: McAfee’s Pitch Perfect Inspired Q”

Pre-Blast: McAfee’s Pitch Perfect Inspired Q

Since Netflix decided to bring back a new age classic, Pitch Perfect, to its latest selection of movies, I have decided to bring back one of my favorite Pitch Perfect inspired workouts. If you have not met ‘Fat Amy’ come on out to the O and I’ll be sure to give you a warm introduction.Continue reading “Pre-Blast: McAfee’s Pitch Perfect Inspired Q”

McAfee’s 3rd Postiversary Q – Ruck PT @ The O

Tomorrow marks my three year anniversary with F3! It’s hard to believe its been that long but I am excited to start the day off right with my brothers in the Gloom. Tomorrow I will be bringing back one of my favorite WODs but with a bit of a Rucking twist. So bring your ruck/coupon/weightContinue reading “McAfee’s 3rd Postiversary Q – Ruck PT @ The O”

Captain Mac Co-Q at The Bag of Wrenches – Pre-Blast 2.4.20

With our F3 Louisville hidden treasure, Whitney, needing a day off to rest his vocal chords after singing along with J Lo and Shakira last night during the Halftime Show, Handbook asked who wanted to step up and lead the HIMs of the O tomorrow. Who better to step in than our beloved former NathanContinue reading “Captain Mac Co-Q at The Bag of Wrenches – Pre-Blast 2.4.20”

Cock-A-Doodle-Dude My Shoulders Hurt – Rooster Back-Blast 1.7.20

Tuesdays are notable in the F3 Louisville region. We typically have our highest numbers on Tuesdays. Not sure if it is because we have a wealth of sites and workout options, because of Tank Top Tuesday, or because it’s the first day the guys from the Mutt can workout during the week. Either way, KiloContinue reading “Cock-A-Doodle-Dude My Shoulders Hurt – Rooster Back-Blast 1.7.20”

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo – Rooster Pre-Blast 1.7.20

With Swim Season in full swing, it limits the days I can post and Q. With Tuesday and Thursday being the only weekdays available, that means the Mutt, the O and the County can expect a lot of me over the next couple months. I always enjoy visiting the Mutt and bringing the pain. LastContinue reading “Cock-A-Doodle-Doo – Rooster Pre-Blast 1.7.20”

Dos Locos @ The Loco – 12.3.19 Pre-Blast

It’s always fun to challenge yourself, but even more fun to do so with a partner. F3 has taught me how to push myself, but even more so it has given me the opportunity to challenge myself against some intensely fit dudes, both within the Louisville Region as well as across F3 Nation. Tomorrow, CatfishContinue reading “Dos Locos @ The Loco – 12.3.19 Pre-Blast”

December Ruck Event Pre-Blast: Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 was a historic date in our country’s history. Next week, on Saturday December 7, 2019, we are planning a ruck to pay tribute to those who served and lost their lives during Pearl Harbor. We look forward to incorporating some historical facts and honoring the fallen along the way. This will beContinue reading “December Ruck Event Pre-Blast: Remembering Pearl Harbor”

2019 Fall Convergence – Back Blast 10.26.19

Since April 21, 2017 we have had several Convergence Workouts to honor the F3 Louisville Region and create an atmosphere that brings together men, community, leadership and service all in one place. As 1st F Q I have been honored to help lead the last three workouts, each of which has had it’s ups andContinue reading “2019 Fall Convergence – Back Blast 10.26.19”

When the Rooster call, what do you do? Back Blast – 10.15.19

The Rooster is one of the most unique names for a workout, but I love the premise (or what I assume to be the premise). We don’t get up for easy, and the rooster is typically seen as a wake up call for many, but for others we are often up before the rooster is,Continue reading “When the Rooster call, what do you do? Back Blast – 10.15.19”

McAfee is bringing the meaning of The Rooster – Pre-Blast 10.15.19

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster signifies honestly and fortitude, both physically and morally. The rooster animal totem is also thought of to be very bossy, but not in a bad way. Tomorrow at the Rooster, I plan to bring something to test your physical fortitude, and you can decide who to let be theContinue reading “McAfee is bringing the meaning of The Rooster – Pre-Blast 10.15.19”

McAfee Tough Training at Peggy Baker – 10.1.19

In an effort to try to get some extra Ruck PT work in before the upcoming Louisville Tough event, I decided to run some PT work for the boys out in the County. Little did I know that the County boys are a little afraid of some extra weight, maybe next they will give itContinue reading “McAfee Tough Training at Peggy Baker – 10.1.19”

McAfee @ The Silo – Back to Basics Beast Mode: 9.23.19

Catfish called me out on Saturday that I had not been to North Posh, aka The Silo in a while. This is true, but to my defense I have been posting more inside 265 since Nino and I decided to split the region to try to adequately attend as many workouts as possible. All excusesContinue reading “McAfee @ The Silo – Back to Basics Beast Mode: 9.23.19”

IPC Week #2 @ The O – Back Blast

It has been a busy morning on Social Media regarding the Iron Pax Challenge. I am truly excited to see more and more Louisville Pax engaging in this competition. Last year was fun, but this year has taken it to a new level. As I prepared my mind for the workout this week I knewContinue reading “IPC Week #2 @ The O – Back Blast”

Pre-blast: Week 1 of Iron PAX at The O – 9.6.19

We had a great showing last week for Week ) and I am hoping for another one this week. We have had a number of guys post for Week 1 this week at the County and Posh. This may be your last chance for Week 1, so if you haven’t completed it yet, or wantContinue reading “Pre-blast: Week 1 of Iron PAX at The O – 9.6.19”

Iron PAX Week 0 at The O – 8.30.19

As we approch the Iron PAX challenge, Week 0 is a warm up for the next 4 weeks. Since these workouts are predetermined, they are easy to Q. Just a little set up and explanation and we are good to go. PAX – Grizzly, Captain Insane-O, Deuce, Face, Trump, Plumb Bob, McAfee (QIC) Weather –Continue reading “Iron PAX Week 0 at The O – 8.30.19”

McAfee 2 Year Postiversary at The Incubator – 8.26.19

This is quite a late back blast for me, and for which I am sorry. It has been a busy time of year for me and I wanted to give this back blast the proper time and attention it deserves. After several days of putting it off, I felt like I needed to say somethingContinue reading “McAfee 2 Year Postiversary at The Incubator – 8.26.19”

Battle of the Sexes at the Chopper BB – 8.23.19

In honor of my upcoming Gender Reveal Party on Friday evening I decided to bring a little bit of that flavor to the Chopper on Friday. WODs are typically named after influential individuals or to remember someone, so I wanted to find two different WODs and modify them for our time together on Friday andContinue reading “Battle of the Sexes at the Chopper BB – 8.23.19”

4 Loco and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Back Blast – 8.13.19

The Loco has been a hot spot as of the past month, so when Crock Pot reaches out to me about Qing, I was all over it! As I prepared for the workout I knew I wanted to hit on some key items from Q School week while also giving some attention and preparation forContinue reading “4 Loco and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Back Blast – 8.13.19”

Pre-Blast: McAfee’s Four Loco and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – 8.13.19

Coming off the heels of Q School, I am taking the liberty of going a little off the wall. Come out to the County tomorrow to see what crazy workout I can come up with. It will involve coupons, body weight work and running. So bring gloves, good shoes and plenty of energy as weContinue reading “Pre-Blast: McAfee’s Four Loco and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – 8.13.19”