Battle of the Sexes at the Chopper BB – 8.23.19

In honor of my upcoming Gender Reveal Party on Friday evening I decided to bring a little bit of that flavor to the Chopper on Friday. WODs are typically named after influential individuals or to remember someone, so I wanted to find two different WODs and modify them for our time together on Friday and […]

Pre-Blast: McAfee’s Four Loco and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – 8.13.19

Coming off the heels of Q School, I am taking the liberty of going a little off the wall. Come out to the County tomorrow to see what crazy workout I can come up with. It will involve coupons, body weight work and running. So bring gloves, good shoes and plenty of energy as we […]

Silo Back Blast – Beast Mode = Simple, Yet Effective 8.5.19

As we begin Q School week, I was honored to fill in for Catfish to Q one of my favorite sites, North Posh (Home to “Beast Mode”). Over the past year, I have visited this site many times with the intent to start my week off right, with probably the toughest workout of the week. […]

State of 1st F: F3 Louisville is Thriving

Good afternoon F3 Louisville, In response to the State of the Region post (if you haven’t read it, take 5 minutes to update yourself and be amused) by our very own Nathan, Captain Insane-O, I wanted to give an update and notes from our latest 1st F/Site Q meeting for the region. I will echo […]

Blender Back Blast: McAfee Milkshake Meltdown – 7.24.19

Over the past few weeks I have been posting more inside of 264, just to change it up and keep things fresh. One post earlier this week I saw Nugget and he was like, “Man, I keep seeing you everywhere McAfee.” This could be just a coincidence that we have been posting at alot of […]

F3 Louisville 2nd Anniversary Convergence – Back Blast 4.20.19

Monday marked a special day in F3 Louisville history. On April 22, 2019, F3 Louisville officially celebrated it two year anniversary! It’s amazing to think that 2 years ago, a group of guys from Charlotte came to Louisville to convince a handful of guys (one in particular) to change the way they thought about Fitness, […]

Slippery Hills at St. Pats – Back Blast 3.14.19

I didn’t realize what the weather was going to be like this morning until after I read OJ’s pre-blast and took a look at the weather channel. Once I realized that it was going to be pretty gnarly weather conditions I had to scrap my whole workout. I wanted to keep us moving and not […]