McAfee @ The Silo – Back to Basics Beast Mode: 9.23.19

Catfish called me out on Saturday that I had not been to North Posh, aka The Silo in a while. This is true, but to my defense I have been posting more inside 265 since Nino and I decided to split the region to try to adequately attend as many workouts as possible. All excuses aside, it’s still bee a minute so when he asked me to step up and Q so he could have the day off, I gladly accepted.

North Posh started out as a “Beat Mode” workout for those who wanted something a little more challenging. Catfish and others have done a great job and continue to push our Pax and region through this workout site. #TClaps

I wanted to get back to basics, nothing fancy, but work hard for a full 45 minutes. So that’s what we did!

Pax: Captain-Insane-O, Milton, Huggies, McAfee (QIC)

After a quick disclaimer, we moseyed down the hill to the small pavilion by the lake for COP. We had some rain and wanted to try to stay dry if possible since weren’t going to be running much.


I was in St. Louis this past week and we did this warm up (which I had only done once before) and it was killer so I decided to adopt it.

10 to 1 Motivators – Do 10 reps of full SSH, half SSH, no arm SSH, and jumps. After 10 of each continue with 9 reps of each and so on in descending order until you reach 1. Talk about a calf burn. Starchild would love these!


Modified Tabata Something Else

32 rounds of 30 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest.

First 8 rounds – Dips

2nd 8 rounds – Squats

3rd 8 rounds – Merkins

4th 8 rounds – Big Bois

After all 32 rounds were complete, we mosey back to the flag.


Since the guys like the 10 to 1 Motivators so much, we decided to finish with them as well.

After this we did some light stretching and COT

A few announcements, prayers for our triceps and we close with “Our Father”.

Great way to start the week and hope the other three men feel strong taking on the day after what we did this morning.

-McAfee out

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