GhOst Q @ The O – Back Blast

Ghost Q Week has been a great success thus far and I was excited to be a part of it. Yesterday at the Temple of Gloom, 5 PAX got a little taste of the running loop.

PAX: Vincent (R), Flo Jo, Handbook, Loco, McAfee (Ghost QIC)

*Prior to the workout, Vincent and I met up for an EC lap around the track.


We went on a little mosey through the tennis courts, back around to the front of the bathrooms. Here we did some quick warm up exercises:


15 Imperial Squat Walkers IC

15 Grass Grabbers IC

15 Merkins Single Count

Kendra Newmans


We partnered up for a little track workout. Each partner pair grabbed a coupon and met on the track. Here is what we did:

Partner 1: Coupon overhead carry two light poles, then perform 5 Man-makers

Partner 2: Sprint two light poles, AMRAP merkins until fatigue, then SSH until Partner 1 is finished


Continue all the way around the track.


With our few minutes left we did 8 rounds of Jack Webb,


We did announcements for Convergence, the pre-ruck, 3rd F components for Convergence, and intentions.

Looking forward o Saturday with all of you fine men!

-McAfee out

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