10/25/2019 Crescent Hill BlackOp BackBlast

PAX (7) Buschhhhh, Fridge, Fall Guy (Respect), Fergie, Blueprint, SumpPump, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: good, 51*

So about this spot. A few years ago, some of the mutt guys rolled out several black ops at Mary T (Reservoir) but Thursdays never seemed to work.

I’ve been chatting with several of the guys that live close and they are ready to give Fridays a try. Great spot—7 pax today and about 40 swimmers.

Wasn’t sure how many would show but I’m at Mary T six days a week so I had some ideas for what we would do.

5:30—slight confusion on where to meet but we all made it over to the stairs leading up to the reservoir. Plan was to work out up there and police officer showed up right at 5:30 to unlock.

Disclaimer and mosey down the street to Mary T playground for short warm up (SSH, Imperial Walkers, Kendra Newmans and of course some Michael Phelps.

Thang1: Half a murph—50 pull ups/ 100 merkins / 150 squats—cut up into sets of 10. We did this as a group—great mumblechatter

Group finished this and we made our way to the steps for the ¾ mile run. Before heading up the steps, quickly partnered up for some Rick Flairs. Finished the run—the group stayed together and on to thang2

Next worked in a round of merkins, derkins and dips on the steps and benches. Finished with this but wanting to work in more work up top along the reservoir, we lunged to light poll, then sprint to the next—repeated this for ¼ mile. Then switched it up and bernie’d to light polls, then 15 merkins. Did another ¼ mile doing this which was 7 stops. With 5 minutes left and the last ¼ mile we worked in a few stops for 25 LBCs.  Finished at 6:14, walked back to the cars for COT

Announcements: Convergence tomorrow, Halloween Heavy next week and Field Day 2020

Intentions and Prayer: Closed with Our Father

A lot of fun with this crew today and great spot. I could write pages of the stupid stuff we said and did, but you just needed to be there.  I could see Mary T as regular on Fridays—check the calender and try and swing out for one.




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