McAfee 2 Year Postiversary at The Incubator – 8.26.19

This is quite a late back blast for me, and for which I am sorry. It has been a busy time of year for me and I wanted to give this back blast the proper time and attention it deserves. After several days of putting it off, I felt like I needed to say something magical to cover up my delay, when I realized that was ridiculous. The simple truth that needs to be stated is that I am more appreciative of this group than I ever though possible. Two years ago I took a risk and came out to my first workout and never looked back. This group has offered so many opportunities for me and for that I am grateful. There are far too many men out there for me to thank individually, so I want to thank you all, and for the few (you know who you are), thanks for continuing to push me to be a better man, husband, leader and soon to be father. Thanks F3 Louisville!

In honor of the my 2 year anniversary, I brought back the workout that started it all out, with some minor modifications.

PAX – Ladybird (R), Deep Dish, Ripple, Kilo, Maxi, Rosie, Mr. Kotter, McAfee (QIC)



15 Mountain Climbers IC

15 Freddy Mercuries IC

15 Merkins Single Count

Circle Burp

*Mosey to the Bridge


DORA (with a 2rd F component)

Partner 1 start exercise, partner 2 runs to the top of the Bridge and back – when they return tell them one thing about you – about yourself, favorite F3 memory, what F3 has meant to you

100 Merkins

150 Squats

200 LBC


Starting at the bottom of the bridge, we ran 1/4 of the way, performed and exercise and ran back. Then 1/2 way, exercise and back. Repeat for 3/4 and whole way until we were back at the starting point.

1/4 – 25 Bobby Hurleys

1/2 – 50 Daniel Sons

3/4 – 75 Imperial Walkers

1 – 100 Air Presses

*Walk like and Egyptian back to the Flag


Finished with Lieutenant Dan Taylors (cousin of Jack Webb)

1:4 ration of Squats to Bonnie Blairs (Jump Lunges) – all the way to 10:40 when we you feel like you “Aint got no legs”!


At the end we circled up for COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions and a closing remark. I continue to be in awe of this group and I consider it an honor and privileged to be a part of this group and be able to lead in some way.

-McAfee out

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