BB for The Incubator 5/13: Methane’s 2 year F3versary

This morning was a cool crisp spring morning, very similar to the first time I posted 2 years ago. I threw on my good old reliable blue pullover, just like 2 years ago, and I modified the WO that Pitino and Tesla used to introduce me to F3…..2 years ago. As I pulled up to […]

P.B. BluePullover and Methane 2 Year Anniversary CoQ at the Incubator 5/13.

Hey F3 Louisville, Blue Pullover here, and I am excited to let everyone know that Methane and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary with F3. We have decided to celebrate by Co-Q-ing The Incubator this Monday the 13! Man, 2 years. Unbelievable!! I still remember Methane laying me out the night before our first […]

BB – Meter Maid’s 1st Year Post Anniversary at Incubator – 4.29.2019

What a year it has been since Airplane headlocked me into coming. My first post was at Crestwood Elementary on 4/29/2018. Abacus and Airplane had the Q for it. I thought it was difficult but I later came to realization that I was just out of shape. Now fast forward one year and I am […]

01.05.2019. Pre Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches.Week 1 @ Holy Trinity Parish.

Who: All Pax, Friends, M’s, and 2.0’s   When: 1700   Where: Holy Trinity Parish (AKA: The Mutt)   Q: The Holy Spirit   Calling all HIMs! Gather with Aerobie, and myself for the 5:00pm mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. This is week one location for the month long event. We will meet at […]

The Incubator BackBlast 7/16, Poshlands #Pyramids #ServantLeadership

Despite the threat of thunderstorms, conditions held steady for a solid beat down at the Poshlands this morning! 72 degrees and cloudy with the ground damp from the previous night’s showers. Scratch-N-Dent and I pulled up to the gloom at 05:15. Four HIM were already mumblechatting as we walked up. A good sign. As time […]

PreBlast #Incubator @ Poshlands 7/16, Ashley Q #RainorShine

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” -Peter Drucker Commit today to join the PAX in the gloom Monday @ 0530. Plan to post rain or shine. 100% chance you’ll leave soaked. Rain, sweat, or a combination of the two!  

Drumroll please…. I made an FNG spill today

My brother (Drumroll– FNG) gave me two awesome gifts for my 40th.  A surprise trip to Tampa for some horrible fishing and great beer, and his first post to an F3 workout.  I am not sure which meant more.   Ryan has supported me through this year, always listening to my stories about F3, and […]

6/4/18 Pre-Blast – The Incubator #poshlands #oneyear

Join me in celebrating my one-year anniversary with this great group.  Did you know CI named me after that awesome KFC sandwich “Double Down” since at one time I worked at KFC?  A nutritional masterpiece with two pieces of fried chicken, bacon, cheese and some type of sauce – 540 calories, 32 g of fat and a […]

“Fatter Amy” provided the Pax with the atmosphere for growth at the Incubator – 5.21.18 Back Blast

A week or two ago I realized that it had been a while since I had led a workout. Although I had been posting regularly, I had not done my due diligence a led my fellow brothers through some new and exciting exercises. When I realized this I took it upon myself to sign up to […]

3/12/18 Backblast from the Cold n Sloppy Posh

Before and After Pics. Q-Tool Time 18 Pax! Methane, Kilo, Iceman, Glaucoma, Lil Jerry, Diablo, StarChild, Grave Digger, McAfee, Snowman, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Pew Pew, Double Down, Mr Hat, Boozer, Broke Back & me Weather- Sloppy n Cold 34ish COP- Some Bob Ross Arm Circles (clockwise and counter-clockwise) 20ea in cadence- Abe Vigodas, SSH’s, Mountain […]

2-12-18 Pre Blast: ZimaVQ & DigiornoQ . #LetmeoutofthecarCole #poshlands #F3Counts #pitcrewswinraces

Sure the Olympics are on, but the real racing is happening in right here in the good ol’ U S of A.  Two and half miles of grinding metal, hot rubber, and Daytona sunshine won’t hold a candle to our crew winning where it matters.  Get ready to celebrate the Great American Race.  We’re dropping […]

PreBlast 1/29/2018: #incubator Random Music? Yes Please.

I need some revenge on the disaster that was my last “music” Q. I am going to go ahead and apologize if you are offended or “sensitive” to Country, west coast Rap, 80’s Pop, reggae, hip hop, christian, 50’s Rock, latin, new age, jazz, blues, 90’s grunge, indie rock, new wave, techno, bop, Christmas rock […]

1/22 Steemer VQ at the Poshlands Backblast

With all the crazy, cold, wet & challenging weather the Louisville area has incurred recently, the 16 PAX who braved the Balmy 50+ degree weather this am at poshland’s & put forth a MAN like effort!! The PAX( Nugget, Glaucoma, Kilo, Dutch Oven, Glen Ross, Bob Ross, Iceman, Gypsy, Tool Time, Rhythm, Methane, Double Down, […]


THE 2018 IRONHORSE CHALLENGE GOAL:   The IRONHORSE CHALLENGE is designed to reinvigorate male community leadership this winter at #F3LOUISVILLE, while strengthening all 3 Fs, and help the PAX make an impact on Louisville.  DURATION:  1/1/18 thru 3/31/18.  REWARD:   For successfully completing the 2018 IRONHORSE CHALLENGE, you will receive an awesome IRONHORSE CHALLENGE 2”x 3” Velcro patch.  You will also […]

BackBlast #Incubator #Santadelivers 12.25.17 Christmas Q

Santa delivered 2 PAX to a special Christmas #Incubator post! Abacus – Q and Vincent (Respect) Conditions: 25 degrees, clear sky (I think), windy 10 to 15 MPH, felt like 10 to 15 degrees! For the record, Santa visits YHC’s house on Christmas Eve. So, I was going to workout no matter what today and […]