The Incubator BackBlast 7/16, Poshlands #Pyramids #ServantLeadership

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Despite the threat of thunderstorms, conditions held steady for a solid beat down at the Poshlands this morning! 72 degrees and cloudy with the ground damp from the previous night’s showers.

Scratch-N-Dent and I pulled up to the gloom at 05:15. Four HIM were already mumblechatting as we walked up. A good sign. As time drew near to our hard start of 0530, the group had swelled to 25 strong.


Fanny Pack – RESPECT




Force Close – RESPECT


Mr. Hat









Double Down – RESPECT

Big Bird


Little Jerry – RESPECT


Dry Rub – FNG



Ashley – Q

A quick mosey with a bear crawl thrown in for good measure; and we were off to the races for COP.


SSH – 30 IC

Ave Vigodas – 20 IC

Hillbillies – 20 IC

Crab Jacks – 20 IC

Grass Grabbers – 20 IC

BOYOS – 10

We counted off in twos and proceeded to a ¾ mile Native American Run. Group 2 smoked Group 1 and was rewarded with a couple minutes of planks.

Once the entire PAX was rounded up, I introduced the Pyramid we’d climb and descend together.


BOYOS – 10

Big Boy Sit-Ups – 20

Merkins – 30

Lunges – 40

Squats – 50

Lunges – 40

Merkins – 30

Big Boy Sit-Ups – 20

BOYOS – 10

We then ran as a PAX about 1/3 of a mile (to the top of the bridge and back).

Back to the Pyramid for round 2…Rinse & Repeat

This second run at the pyramid proved more difficult. I had done this workout once with Abacus at the Q but hadn’t realized the increased challenge it would be to count in cadence while pushing the pace of the exercises. I was supported by the enthusiasm of HIM like Kilo, Abacus, and Glaucoma. Their support got me though the second run at the pyramid so we could transition to the run to the bridge and back.

Today I saw what might be an F3 Louisville first…We had an FNG leading the pace of the run. Mind you, this was at the end of the WO and Little Jerry was present. This FNG, Dry Rub, was headlocked by Dynamite. I have a feeling that Dry Rub will be taking us to the “pressure cooker” here very soon in his VQ.

We did a solid 3 minutes of Mary with a rotating Q calling the core exercise.

Finally, we had a jailbreak for the flag.

Before we circled up Glaucoma gave me that look… “I hate you…but I also thank you!” This is exactly the way I felt after Abacus first laid this beat down on me at #TheCounty. Happy to spread the love of Pyramids.

I was slightly disoriented from exhaustion and had to be reminded to lead Count-O-Rama prior to Name-O-Rama. Thanks Kilo for guiding me through to the end! A few announcements were made and intensions were shared including prayer for Vince and Abacus’ M.

I’d recently been reflecting on servant leadership and came across the quote, “We rise by lifting others.” This short and simple thought embodied what I wanted to leave the PAX with as they ventured back into their responsibilities as husbands, dads, co-workers, and friends. Leadership is less like a pyramid (top down) and more like an inverted pyramid where we look for ways to lead as servants, lifting others to greater heights. True greatness is found in positioning yourself as a servant of all. Anyways, that’s the leadership I find most compelling to follow. And, also the leadership Jesus displayed as seen in Philippians chapter 2. What ways can you rise by lifting others up in your life? As the PAX gave that question some consideration we brought our requests to God.

Qing is always a privilege and joy! Already looking forward to posting tomorrow at The County where Nugget will bring the Q. I hope to follow his leadership as well as you men supported me today. Most grateful!

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Husband to Janelle | Father to 4 fantastic kiddos | GM at LOW | Deacon at Sovereign Grace Church LOU | F3 #TheCounty to grow and serve others

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