The Incubator BackBlast 7/16, Poshlands #Pyramids #ServantLeadership

Despite the threat of thunderstorms, conditions held steady for a solid beat down at the Poshlands this morning! 72 degrees and cloudy with the ground damp from the previous night’s showers. Scratch-N-Dent and I pulled up to the gloom at 05:15. Four HIM were already mumblechatting as we walked up. A good sign. As timeContinue reading “The Incubator BackBlast 7/16, Poshlands #Pyramids #ServantLeadership”

PreBlast #Incubator @ Poshlands 7/16, Ashley Q #RainorShine

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” -Peter Drucker Commit today to join the PAX in the gloom Monday @ 0530. Plan to post rain or shine. 100% chance you’ll leave soaked. Rain, sweat, or a combination of the two!  

Poshlands Backblast 6/18, Incubator “Dad Bod Beatdown”

South Poshlands #Incubator Conditions: Muggy, 71 Degrees (Perfect for a sweat-a-thon) PAX (13): Glaucoma, Thumbtack, Scratch-N-Dent, Red Card 2.0, My Pleasure 2.0, Dynomite, Tony Malito, Big Bird, Aerobie (RESPECT), Kilo, Methane, Propane 2.0, Ashley (Q) Theme: Post Father’s Day “Dad Bod Beatdown” (should have been named: “Meltdown”) I encouraged the PAX on Saturday to goContinue reading “Poshlands Backblast 6/18, Incubator “Dad Bod Beatdown””

6/6 Backblast: Blackops at Rough River Day 2

CONDITIONS: 68 degrees, sun rising over the misty water = PERFECT! PAX: My Pleasure (2.0), Scratch-N-Dent, Ashley (Q) After a full day of boating, jet skiing, tubing, and fishing – the PAX was whittled down to only three this AM rising from the gloom. (At least one opted out due to sunburn) Each HIM resolvedContinue reading “6/6 Backblast: Blackops at Rough River Day 2”

5/24 St. Als Blackops Backbast: Ashley (VQ)

St. Aloysius – Blackops Conditions: Clear, 64 Degrees, Ideal VQ: Ashley PAX (11): Porkchop, Meter Maid, Scratch-N-Dent, Cochran, Red Card, Double Down (RESPECT), Bigbird, Airplane, Boozer, Little Jerry (RESPECT), Ashley (VQ) Theme: The way down to Humility is the way up to True Greatness. Hills, Help & Humility Fitness, Fellowship & Faith Circled Up @Continue reading “5/24 St. Als Blackops Backbast: Ashley (VQ)”

5/24 Pre-Blast – St. Als Black Ops

For the past 3 weeks I have had the privilege of posting with you HIM at the Poshlands and St. Als. With about 9 posts under my belt, @airplanef3 called upon me to VQ…so here we go! Tomorrow’s blackops at St. Als will have a theme… “The way up is the way down” Hills, Help &Continue reading “5/24 Pre-Blast – St. Als Black Ops”