Poshlands Backblast 6/18, Incubator “Dad Bod Beatdown”

South Poshlands #Incubator

Conditions: Muggy, 71 Degrees (Perfect for a sweat-a-thon)

PAX (13): Glaucoma, Thumbtack, Scratch-N-Dent, Red Card 2.0, My Pleasure 2.0, Dynomite, Tony Malito, Big Bird, Aerobie (RESPECT), Kilo, Methane, Propane 2.0, Ashley (Q)

Theme: Post Father’s Day “Dad Bod Beatdown” (should have been named: “Meltdown”)

I encouraged the PAX on Saturday to go ahead and enjoy that Father’s Day meal, dessert, and an extra drink. We were going to burn it off this morning. And, as you will see, I kept that promise.

Of note this morning were the number of 2.0’s who joined their Dads. Along the way, these 2.0’s were pushing the pace. Loved it! (oh to be a young man and do bear crawl 50 yards without a problem).

Circled Up @ 0530

Issued the disclaimer.

Mosey a couple hundred yards.


  • 20 SSH – IC
  • 30 Ave Vigodas – IC
  • 30 Grass Grabbers – IC
  • 30 Imperial Walkers – IC
  • 50 Raise the Roof
  • Loosen Arms – Arm Circles

Mosey another 200 hundred yards.

At this point, I pulled from Glauc’s playbook of creating a soundtrack for the workout.

Song #1 “PRAISE YOU” – Fatboy Slim

  • SSH’s entire song / Burpee on “Praise You”

Mosey another 200 hundred yards to Egg Lawn.

There are a dozen benches that line the perimeter of the Egg Lawn. We sprinted to each bench and did 10 ‘Merkins at each stop. (I had originally planned to do 3 laps around the egg lawn with a particular exercise at each stop but had to improv when I realized we were dropping the 6.) Three dozen eggs became one dozen but it seemed like a necessary adjustment from the plan.

Completed our “Dozen Eggs” and did a 30 yard bear crawl.

Mosey another 200 yards back to our jukebox for songs #2 and #3.

Song #2 “START ME UP” – Rolling Stones

  • LBC’s entire song / Big Boy Sit Up on “start me up”

Song #3 “GOT THE LOVE” – Brandon Heath 

  • Elbow plank on verses / in chorus move to high plank and do a ‘Merkin every “got the love”

Mary + Sprints

  • 20 Pickle Pounders – IC
  • 50 Yard Sprint (2x)
  • 30 Dips @ Bench
  • 30 Squats
  • 50 Yard Sprint (2x)
  • 50 Yard Bear Crawl


Circle of Trust:

Count & Name O Rama – 13

By this time most of the guys had totally sweat through their shirts and were needing water.

I shared from 1 Timothy 4:7-8 so we could properly understand the value of physical training in relation to the work ahead of us at home and the workplace, that we might set our hope in Jesus as we strive for godliness throughout our day. I wanted to underscore that the effort we exerted in physical training this morning should provoke us to even greater effort as we train ourselves for godliness.

Intentions – We prayed in particular for Abacus, Pope, The Butcher, Weedwacker and Vince.

I really enjoyed the laughter and banter that this workout provoked as we sweat hard to start the day. We got better today! My “dad bod” is evolving into a “rad bod” thanks to the PAX. Most grateful for the opportunity to Q and the HIMs that showed up to make me better.

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