5/24 St. Als Blackops Backbast: Ashley (VQ)


St. Aloysius – Blackops

Conditions: Clear, 64 Degrees, Ideal

VQ: Ashley

PAX (11): Porkchop, Meter Maid, Scratch-N-Dent, Cochran, Red Card, Double Down (RESPECT), Bigbird, Airplane, Boozer, Little Jerry (RESPECT), Ashley (VQ)

Theme: The way down to Humility is the way up to True Greatness.

Hills, Help & Humility
Fitness, Fellowship & Faith

Circled Up @ 0530

Introduced Theme

Read: “In humility count others more significant than yourself. Let each of you look not only to his own interest, but also to the interest of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:3-5

We began by counting off to form teams of two.

We were seeking to apply Philippians 2 to partner through the exercises, offering encouragement and assistance along the way, considering the interests of others.

Mosey in pairs around the Church Campus (.25 mile)

50 SSH – IC

30 Ave Vigodas – IC

30 Imperial Walkers – IC

30 Grass Grabbers – IC

Native American Run @ 75% (.25 mile)

Collected coupons and gathered at pull-up bars.

Teams alternated: 5 pullups / box jumps on coupons (repeat 3x)

‘Merkin Hill Run: Stations were positioned at 3 points up a steep incline: 75 yards, 100 yards, and 125 yards.

Teams of two alternated in the following:
Sprint to station 1 for 20 diamond merkins while partner curls coupon (amrap) with a return to base side shuffle. Alternate.
Sprint to station 2 for 30 wide merkins while partner overhead press of coupon (amrap) with a return to base side shuffle. Alternate.
Sprint to station 3 for 40 regular merkins while partner bench presses coupon (amrap) with a return to base side shuffle.

Mosey to return coupons to stash and then to line drill location.

Line drills at 100% effort totaling about 125 yards.

20 Pickle pounders – IC

20 Windshield wipers – IC

25 Freddy Mercury – IC

30 American hammers – IC

20 Davinci – IC

Hold plank for 30 count.

Circle of Trust:

Count & Name O Rama – 11

Announcements – St. Als continues to have a strong PAX and is continuing as a blacktops each Tuesday and Thursday as long as there is sufficient interest and Q’s. Cochran will Q on Tuesday. Should be a face melter.

Intentions – Prayed for Abacus’s wife and family. Gave thanks for a successful surgery yesterday. F3 coming up huge with the meal train. Prayed for Pope for healing related to the infection of his heart. Prayed for Weedwacker’s son, Vince in his fight with cancer. Prayed for Badger’s family. Asked God to make us Philippians 2 men who demonstrate true greatness in the way they humbly serve and consider others.

It was truly a privilege and joy to VQ today! Grateful for the HIM who sharpen us to do better each day!

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Husband to Janelle | Father to 4 fantastic kiddos | GM at LOW | Deacon at Sovereign Grace Church LOU | F3 #TheCounty to grow and serve others

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