Ruck Pre Blast Friday May 25th

Allllllllllllllrightey then, it’s just about ruck time.

When – Friday night May 25th

Time – 7:45pm

Place – Meet at Mary T. Meagher pool parking lot

To avoid the FOMO, you’ll want to be there as Wham! and OJ are taking you on a 4 hour joyride.

What you can expect:  Well if you’ve been to any previous ruck, you can bet on some physical challenges along the way coupled with the weight that you’ll be carrying.  We’ll focus mainly on the mileage but we’ll have a few surprises throughout the evening.

What you’ll need:

Ruck pack plus weight (if you’re over 150 lbs, you’ll need to add 30 lbs) Don’t worry if you don’t have it exactly right, just throw some weight in a pack and join us.

Fluids (plenty, it’s going to be hot) Hydration bladder, water bottles, etc.


Snacks (gels, granola bars, jerky, etc.)

There is a 3rd F opportunity that will go along with this ruck.  

I’ll be taking donations in order to purchase a Home Depot or Lowe’s gift card to give to the Victory Through Grace House in Paducah KY.  They are a non-profit organization that helps aid women that have fallen victim to slave and sex trafficking rings.  My mother donates countless hours at the house to help these women and I’ve see firsthand some of the redemption stories and how these women have battled out of some very dark places.  Something around their house is always in need of something and many of their supplies and items need replacing so I’m figuring just a gift card could help.  Participation in this is not mandatory for the ruck but feel free to give what’s on your heart.  This place truly has a heart for God and a love for these women beyond measure.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the state.  An article published last year showed that Human trafficking reports to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services increase from 51 victims in 2013 to 169 in 2015.  That’s over a 300 percent increase and it’s even more today.  The report also showed that it happens in nearly every county in the state.

I’ll share a story from one of the women whose life has been changed through her encounter with the Victory House.

Amanda writes:

Wow God is awesome!!! The pics on the left are from the darkest point of my life in 2014 … I lost both of my children, had a horrible drug addiction, was a homeless prostitute and nothing in me was really seeking change… Until one day walking down a highway trying to kill myself I encountered Jesus for the first time & my life has never been the same.   Things weren’t cleaned up all at once as a matter of fact I still have struggles, but God is faithful even when I’m not. He loves me and is so patient with me. He set up a divine appointment for me to do some inner healing about 10 months ago, but because of my pride and wanting to fit in, I opposed what he was trying to accomplish in my life and even hurt some people over my big headed opinions. Well the word says pride comes before a fall and within 2 & a half months I did just that, I fell got into deception about my identity and things fell apart. I went away to a wonderful ministry Vtgm Grace and received so much of the Father’s Love it wrecked me!! It was literally like he was welcoming me with his arms wide open saying” I’m not mad at you” when I pulled in the driveway of this huggggeee beautiful home with all of the amazing women there to love on me. I was only there for 4 months and because of some issues I had to leave and I was scared I thought God was giving up on me but as soon as I got home the Lord offered me the inner healing through Restoring the foundations again and I said yes to him ! I have never felt so free and had so much confidence in my life and walk with God… It helped take out the internal struggle so that the attacks are from the outside instead of coming from within. Within 5 weeks I had a job saved for an apartment and was walking in a deeper freedom than I have ever experienced. I am so excited about life and all God had in store for me and I am just so thankful to RTF and the wonderful mentors God had placed in my life Jill&Marty & Susan McLaughlin  for being obedient to God & walking me through this  and for being there for me and supporting me when I felt insane ! And all the members of the body that have been there for me 😊

I couldn’t have done this without every one of  you!! I love you all so much!!!  I still have a long way to go, I wake up every day a mother without her children but I trust God and I run to him every day! I wake up battling being good enough wondering if I’ve made all this up because the outside of my life doesn’t reflect what I feel on the inside but I chose to trust God and his goodness for and in my life and I keep pressing forward because I definitely have not arrived as a matter of fact I’ve barely begun but something HE reminds me of every day is how much he loves the process and how much he loves me… Life doesn’t become perfect when we begin to follow God it takes time and progress to me is perfection I’m not where I once was and I have so much to look forward to as I put my trust and hope in God.

Amen to that!

So get ready to have a fun evening and we’ll (SYITE) see you in the evening

Wham! & OJ

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