2-21 The Mutt Back Blast #theblender

https://media3.giphy.com/media/3o6wrvlj7JdAJXRgsg/200w.gif Weather: 64 degrees with steady rain Q – OJ PAX: Vincent (respect), Captain Insaneo, Zartan, Wham!, Snowman, Mad Cow, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Grinder I’ve always been one to monitor weather, but since joining F3, I’m like Jay Cardosi over here.  Needless to say, I knew this morning would be a wet one and … Continue reading 2-21 The Mutt Back Blast #theblender

2-21 The Mutt Pre-Blast #theBlender

Found this at my parents house the last time I was there** OJ has the Mutt flag and is headed for the Blender. CI's Doppler radar is calling for a 100% chance of Juice in the morning. Come on out and let's see what you got. Headlamps suggested. Syitg -Nordberg

2/1 The O Back blast #TempleOfGloom

The OJ Redemption https://media3.giphy.com/media/p6f7c5NJcGzZu/giphy.gif Q – OJ Attire (for Zoo) – It was me, I channeled my inner Pope this morning and went sleeveless.  It was 48 degrees!!! Shorts, New Balance trail shoes, and a Denver Broncos visor PAX: Trump, Face, Mater, Abacus, Plethora, PK, Ant Man, Iceman (Respect), Gillespie, Star Child, Mittens, Captain Insaneo, … Continue reading 2/1 The O Back blast #TempleOfGloom

2/1 Pre-Blast The O #TempleOfGloom

OMAHA OMAHA! https://media.giphy.com/media/14626PNOLBHwPe/giphy.gif After hearing the sad news of Diablo's grandfather passing, we're checking down to OJ's run game. Whaaat? More running OJ? Actually no, tomorrow will not involve much running. We'll have visiting DR PAX so I'm stepping it up. Morning temps look to be in the upper 40's so come on out for … Continue reading 2/1 Pre-Blast The O #TempleOfGloom

1/9 Back blast the O at Seneca #BagOfWrenches

https://media.giphy.com/media/3orieWK3HrWHqYB8bu/giphy.gif Q - OJ PAX: Red Roof, Glaucoma, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Face, Diablo, Wham!, Glen Ross, PK, Double Down (respect), DOT, Little Jerry (respect), Nugget, Abacus, Gillespie, Dodododo, Butcher, Star Child, Kilo, Bean Counter When thinking about what I wanted to do for an upcoming Q, it had always crossed my mind that it would … Continue reading 1/9 Back blast the O at Seneca #BagOfWrenches

The O – Preblast 11/28

Now that The tryptophan has worn off, we all need to get back at it.  Come on out to the O tomorrow.  No trivia this time, just hard work. Reflective gear and headlamps suggested.  No Spinal Tap, this doesn’t mean we’ll be running.   JK - of course we will be syitg - OJ

11/7 – The O Pre Blast – F3 Kentucky Derby Race Post time 5:30a We’re at the halfway point to DERBY! How’s your pedigree? Show up and run for the roses as OJ is taking you on the F3 Kentucky Derby. Forecast calls for rain. Don’t let the rain make your trainer scratch you from the race. Be a mudder. Question – Is it going to be the hardest post ever? Answer – Nah, not too bad Question – Will it be fun? Answer – You bet your Royal Ascot it will be (Mint juleps will not be provided) sorry OJ -syitg