1/17 Backblast Black Ops at Mary T #AOoftheYear

Since my wrist is still on the mend, I advised the PAX via Preblast that this w/o would be run heavy. Digiorno showed up with coupons, kettlebells, and a face of disappointment when he learned how much running we had in store. Conditions – brisk 26 degrees PAX: Plumb Bob, Digiorno, Dauber, Fridge, Deuce, Wham,Continue reading “1/17 Backblast Black Ops at Mary T #AOoftheYear”

12/5 Backblast the O #templeofgloom5kforthecure

7 Come 11 5:30:17 Wham arrives and we’re on our way. Q – OJ PAX – Wham!, Tron, Plum Bob, Violet, Pixar, Backdraft, Meatball, Escort, Butcher, Flo Jo, Cookie The start was a mosey to the basketball courts for COP 10 Grass Grabbers IC 15 Windmills IC What’s that? A car approaching, must be aContinue reading “12/5 Backblast the O #templeofgloom5kforthecure”

11/1 Backblast – Black Ops Little Augusta/Crescent Hill Golf Course/Mary T Aquatic Center/Day After Halloween/First Below Freezing Morning of the Year/Friday

Ron Swanson voice: You need to ask yourself. 1. Have you F3’d before? 2. Have you been to a Black Ops before? 3. Have you been to Crescent Hill Golf Course? 4. Have you actually played golf in the dark? Well today was your day and if you weren’t there, we put you down forContinue reading “11/1 Backblast – Black Ops Little Augusta/Crescent Hill Golf Course/Mary T Aquatic Center/Day After Halloween/First Below Freezing Morning of the Year/Friday”

10-5 Backblast at the O #Ruiner #MoshPit

YHC attended all three days at Louder than Life last weekend and man what an experience.  So amazing yet so exhausting.  I decided to bring the music/pain to the fine PAX of the ruiner.  Disclaimer – I’ve always loved heavy music.  Most of that stems from being a runner and needing something to get meContinue reading “10-5 Backblast at the O #Ruiner #MoshPit”

9/19 Backblast at the O #templeofgloom

Why does Violet keep asking for someone to lead at the O on 9/19?  I’ve been on the calendar for a couple of weeks.  Well…I had added the event to my personal calendar, not the F3 calendar.  Oopsies.  I digress… Conditions: mild 66 degrees.  **Side note, Louisville’s having the longest drought since 1999.  Hasn’t rainedContinue reading “9/19 Backblast at the O #templeofgloom”

9/19 Preblast the O #templeofgloom

ESPN voice – What if I told you an F3 workout consisted of 45 minutes of Monkey Humpers? What kind of toll would that take on your quadriceps? See for yourself tomorrow and be part of something special. If that doesn’t entice you, I’m not sure what will. 30 for 30. #bestpreblastever (We’re not doingContinue reading “9/19 Preblast the O #templeofgloom”

9/5 Backblast – St. Pats #Cloverfield

*Actual photo of PAX before today’s workout and after. Venturing out 25 minutes back to St. Pats today was a pleasure.  I love this AO. Q – OJ PAX: Nino, Huggies, Milton, Latex, Husky, Fructose, Wapner, Uncle Rico *Nino said Kilo told him he was coming* No Kilo I mean when you come to thisContinue reading “9/5 Backblast – St. Pats #Cloverfield”

8/22 Backblast the O #TempleOfGloom

Clogging up my Facebook feed everyday for like two months, I finally caved to CI’s constant invitations on this F3 thing.  So two years ago today, I ventured out to Seneca Park to check it out for myself.  Running had become stagnant to me and I knew I needed something different.  It was Wham’s VQ.  I wasContinue reading “8/22 Backblast the O #TempleOfGloom”

7/30 Backblast the O #BagofWrenches

16 HIMs came out to celebrate a brother’s birthday today at the O. Weather – Steamy 75 degrees (shower didn’t take kind of morning) Gear: Broncos visor & orange tank – Hall of Fame game in two days!  (save your Broncos suck comments, we have Flacco.  Everything will be great this season, right?) Q – OJContinue reading “7/30 Backblast the O #BagofWrenches”

6/28 Backblast GORUCK TOUGH Class 3094 – Louisville, KY

Having previously done two 50 mile Star Courses, I knew I needed to tackle a tough event.  I was always a little leery about doing this event from hearing all the scary stories from the guys from Toledo and watching countless YouTube videos putting people through some of the most grueling exercises.  When GR hadContinue reading “6/28 Backblast GORUCK TOUGH Class 3094 – Louisville, KY”

6/10 Backblast Big Mo Heavy at the Vet

Having never Q’ed a Heavy at the Vet, I jumped at the chance to get my VQ scheduled a while back. I’ve only been to a couple of heavy workouts before and they’re tough. I knew I needed to bring some pain. Q – OJ PAX – Maxi, Worm, Plumb Bob, Carlose, McAfee, Rickshaw MoseyContinue reading “6/10 Backblast Big Mo Heavy at the Vet”

6/10 Preblast Big Mo Heavy at the Vet #juiceedition

Ok raise your hand if you’ve been to a heavy at the Vet? Great, it will be good to see you back there Monday. For those that didn’t raise their hands, make this your first time out to a heavy. Ohh and heads up, take it easy Sunday, you’ll need all you got for MondayContinue reading “6/10 Preblast Big Mo Heavy at the Vet #juiceedition”

5/24 Preblast May Ruck event #ScavengerHunt

Our monthly Ruck event is upon us. Sorry I know it’s falling on a holiday weekend, but with our A-Olympics last week, this was our only option. Come on out for a fun night. If you’ve never rucked before, this may be a good time to see what it’s all about. There will be minimalContinue reading “5/24 Preblast May Ruck event #ScavengerHunt”