1/18 – Backblast The O #bagofwrenches #ToursOfCherokeeGardens5k

Conditions 21 degrees ice everywhere

PAX: Handbook, Sump Pump (R), Russdiculous, Flo Jo, Harry Carey, OJ- Q

Toured beautiful Cherokee Gardens to break from the O norm.

COP – 100 SSHs IC ☺️

11’s at Danes Hall Dr. Merkins and Jump Squats

Dips, Derkins, Squats, Merkins, Freddy Mercury’s, more Merkins, All you Gots, Flutters, etc were sprinkled here and there through the beautiful neighborhood of the Gardens. Sump was lost, Harry Carey was lost, Russ was lost, Flo Jo and Handbook were calculating mortgages on possible future homes all while trying to avoid busting a$$ on the pavement.

Clocked in a nice scenic 5k and back to the flag by 6:14.


After a few days away, was glad to be back at it.


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