11/16 Backblast the Ruiner

With the M out of town for a few days I wanted to really get after it and give the PAX an old fashioned beat down.

Conditions – frosty mid 20’s

Gear – Broncos fanny pack. I’m no fairweather fan. Ride or die in Orange.

Q – OJ

PAX – Vincent (R), Kilo, Shyster, Handbook, Pope, Tron, Violet

Mosey to the bridge over looking 64 for COP

20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

20 SSHs IC

10 Eight count man makers IC (highly recommended these)

Next was a mosey to the F3 famous half pipe at the O. Wait what is that neon approaching us? It’s Kilo! He had hard committed to my pre ruck. Then said he was just a hard commit to the workout. He showed up at 7:01 and we were gone. I told the group before we left, if anyone shows up late, they won’t find us. But Ol’ Kilo knew I was using the half pipe today. I told him someone was gonna spill merlot (likely me).

Partner up for some BOMBS!

P1 would run the half pipe and back

P2 would complete the following:

100 Burpees ☺️

150 Overhead Claps

200 Merkins

150 Big Boys

100 Squats

Woof! That was nearly 35 minutes of partner work on the half pipe.

Next was a mosey to the coupons


Presses to Curls 1:4

All the way to 10:40

This was hard. Took a few breaks in between to get to 10:40. This was where Kilo took back the thing he told me a good year ago. He once told me my Q’s were soft.

Coupons up and mosey to the tennis courts


20 Boxcutters IC

20 Heel Touch Crunches IC

20 Pretzel Crunches (10 ea leg) IC

50 Shoulder Taps IC


Mosey back to the flag

Prayers for Pope’s friend and Chestnut and he’s welcoming in #4.

Thankful for this group. This is nothing any of us could do on our own.

– OJ

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